25 Sept 2014

One year on: Chanel the Trio

So it's actually slightly more than a year now since I started using this lovely trio of Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend from Chanel, and it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to revisit how I've got on with them...

My original post on "the trio" is here, if you're interested;  in this I explain what each of these products is and promises to do.  I wrote a bit of a gushy follow-up post here, explaining how I'd got on a month down the road.  Frankly, it was gushy for a reason, these products are really and truly amazing,

That said, a year on can sometimes tell a different story, so what did I personally find?

- These are every bit as good now as they were before
- I used them religiously for all but about three months of the year (so technically I've been using these for about ten out of the thirteen months since I started).  In January, February and March of each year, my skin goes crazily dry, sore and almost chapped, and I have to resort to far far more richly and intensively hydrating moisturisers, oils and serums.  So I stopped using this Trio during this three month period, because I didn't find it worked for me during that timeframe
- Once I re-started using them however, I remembered how good they were for my "normal, non-berserk skin" and was happy to report that my skin, after about three days' usage, genuinely reset itself, as Chanel promises, to look younger, calmer, happier, more healthy and radiant
- If you're using these you should dial-back the amount of other chemical exfoliants you're using in other products, otherwise, hello ouchy skin (this is something MontyC also discovered separately)
- In general my makeup applies easier, my skin looks and feels better and is a lot smoother when using these.  I also have far less breakouts and congested skin in general.
- I don't always need to use a serum when I use these, and I use slightly less moisturiser too, so I'm overloading my skin less
- Le Weekend is designed to be used on its own, no serum or moisturiser on top of it.  This really simplifies and speeds up your weekend skincare regime!

The fact that I purchased one of the travel set of these for my toiletries bag, in addition to what I use at home, says it all I think (info on the travel set here).

Incidentally, and this bears mentioning: I frequently say the old "less is more", "a little goes a long way" and suchlike on this blog.  This is so true.  As mentioned, the trio has now given me ten months of usage and they're still going strong.   So although the full sized versions are expensive (€75 each for 50ml), I have not yet had to worry that I'm anywhere near running out.  Expensive initial outlay therefore, yes, but cost per usage, overall, is low.  And the fact that I will categorically and emphatically replace when I need to, says it all too.  I actually wouldn't be without these now.  I tweek my skincare routine a lot depending on my skin, the weather, my job/environment, but these are definitely now a staple.  MontyC uses La Nuit and Le Weekend only and loves them (although I'm working on getting her to use Le Jour also :-))

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