31 Mar 2014

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Base Éclat Les Ors primer - review

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Base Éclat Les Ors

Welcome to the review of a product that I had forgotten existed.  Let me rewind a little and explain.  The story actually begins with another product (bear with me).  A while back, I got several samples from my local Dior counter of their new wonder product Dream Skin - a skincare product that you use after your moisturiser and before your foundation (if that's your next step).  The effect created by Dream Skin is indeed gorgeous and every foundation I wore over it always looked fab.  But there was one, big fat problem with this product. The price of it.  It's €104.  That's a hell of lot of money to fork out for what is (in my personal opinion) a primer.  A drop dead gorgeous one that's full with lots of lovely stuff but still, to me (rightly or wrongly) a primer.  

So, I started looking for alternatives and during my search, I was reminded of the product I'm reviewing today - the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Base Éclat Les Ors primer.  There are several lovely ladies that I follow on Youtube and they're around my age (give or take a few years) so I'm always keen to see what products they use and what they think of them (I trust their very honest opinions).  Every single one of them recommended the Les Ors so I thought "right, let's get this and try it out".  And I'm very glad that I did. 

Blog Takeover...

Some exciting news - I've had a rough couple of weeks for a few reasons, not least of which was a close family member who passed away, leaving a lot of sadness.  I'm catching up on everything at the moment, having taken nearly two weeks off, and the incredible MontyC very kindly offered to take over the blog for the entire week to pass on her words of wisdom.  I'm not sure yet what she'll be posting about, but I'm sure as always it'll be fantastic!

I'll be back posting same as usual from next week onwards.  Thanks to all for your patience and understanding, I'm working through posts and emails and phone calls over the next couple of days.

Over to MontyC...


14 Mar 2014

Karora Golden Girl Gradual Tan - review

Golden Brown... Texture like Sun... dum de dum, dum dum de dum dum... (stuck in your head yet?)

This Friday I'm drooling over Karora's Golden Girl Gradual Tan.  Not literally, that would be gross. 

Karora are a relatively new, award-winning Irish cosmetics company on the scene dealing with all things tanular.  Their aim is to grace everyone with a bronzed and beautiful glow, whether it's a light tint or a full on deep tan you're after.  This gradual tan is definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum and is perfect for a really natural hint of colour for pasty girls like me.

13 Mar 2014

Whaaaaaaaaaaasup... the latest gossip

I have had a crucifyingly painful back for the last week - headaches abounding, pain so bad that frankly, I was close to tears the last couple of days.  The kind of pain that was making me feel dizzy, out of sorts and hard to concentrate.  This evening I finally managed to haul ass to the physio (actually a brilliant sports massage therapist) and she's worked some magic; pain is still there, but manageable, and back is sufficiently "unlocked" to allow me to start working towards something with it.  Anyhow, all of that is a precursor to explaining why this day's post is a little light; it's just a quick snapshot of stuff that's going on in the world at the moment, cosmetics-wise, that you might be interested in...

12 Mar 2014

Retinol Wrinkle Filler from Vichy (scream!) - preview

Here's one that Mammy Make Up For Dolls got massively excited about, I barely had the words outa my mouth when she firmly announced "I'll have that one".

Vichy are releasing their new LiftActiv Advanced Filler, containing Pure Retinol and LR2412.  I know that sounds a bit like wall spackle, but bear with me.  Mammy MUFD may have to take a back seat coz I wanna try this stuff out too...

11 Mar 2014

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition - preview

Chanel's new Hydra Beauty Nutrition range - moisturiser and lip balm

For those of you who love the Chanel Hydra Beauty range, Chanel are further building on their summer additions to the range from last year and are just about to launch two completely new Hydra Beauty Nutrition products, one for dry skin and one for dry lips.

10 Mar 2014

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque - review

Dermalogica Multivitiman Power Recovery Masque

If there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call... Ghostbusters! (Or Dermalogica in this case)...

That surely has to be the weakest link you'll read this month but it was an excuse to get in a quote from on of the greatest movies ever made (so long, Mr Remis).  But it also leads us into my review of the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.  When I got a sample of it, I stuck it into my bathroom cabinet and it lived there for several weeks before I got around to trying it... I had other products that I fancied trying/using first so it had to be patient with me.

7 Mar 2014

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense – review

THE Great Winter Skin Saver

“Himself indoors” is playing with my skincare products again lately and has taken rather a shine to this particular one.   It’s La Roche-Posay’s offering for “dry and very dry” skin.  Stir-in “sensitive” (skin, at least, whatever about anything else) and you’ve got him to a tee.  So he started using this about six weeks ago, at the worst-time-of-the-year (for dry skin) to see how it would work out...

6 Mar 2014

Eve Lom Rescue Mask – review

Eve Lom Rescue Mask - tub & tube...

So I was awake on Saturday morning at stupid o’clock, and for love nor money couldn’t get back asleep.  Rather than wasting time tossing and turning, I got up early and treated myself to a nice facial.  Out came the nice comforting balm cleanser, and the micro-dermabrasion peel.  Out came my lovely rice mask and out fell a few samples of this stuff that I got from Eve Lom back in the Autumn.   It’s a “rescue” mask, and my skin is in dire need of rescue right now as it’s dull, dehydrated, dry, flaky, stressed, and a bit cross with me and the weather and the indoors heating situation at the moment.  This is meant to be a treatment mask for “sluggish, stressed-out skin”.  This mask has won In Style's award for “Best Mask for Congested Skin” for seven consecutive years to-boot.  So I thought it’d be just fine.

5 Mar 2014

Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyehadow in Kaki Brocart – review

I am a green-eyed monster.  Literally.  I have green eyes that vary from very green, to grey-green, to goldy-green.  I wear a lot of olive, khaki and blackened/antique gold shades of liner (and some rather lovely eyeshadows too – LINKS to Ken Boylan and olive liners?!).  While in Sephora recently, this was calling out to me.  The campaign visual just looked so damn tempting.  The reality however, was, well, for me anyhow, a bit disappointing.

4 Mar 2014

Chanel Hydra Beauty Sérum – review

Oh, how I had so wanted to like this stuff.  Recommended to me by the lovely MontyC, who swears by it, and who has deeply dehydrated skin, I thought it’d work just nicely on my January-February dessicated face.  No such luck.  I should’ve got a sample first.  I always get a sample first.  Oh well, there are worse things...

3 Mar 2014

OPI 4 In The Morning - review

OPI 4 in the morning (satin finish) from Gwen Stephani for OPI

Oh how I love matte nails.  Well, this is, unusually enough, a satin (off-matte) finish, with enough texture to not be a dead matte, and enough depth to make it interesting.  This is from the Gwen Stephani collaboration around Christmas-time (2013) with OPI, but I’m only getting around to reviewing it now.


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