28 Jun 2013

Collection Révélation de Chanel

Collection Révélation de Chanel - campaign visual

Also known as "the Chanel collection that features the newest and most waited-for Chanel nail varnish on this side of 2013, Taboo", for all of those who have been asking me, the latest Chanel collection reveals the multiple facets of the Lèvres Scintellantes gloss.  Today, people!

There are three Chanel collections featuring lip products from Chanel this year, the one featured in this post (detailing new and LE Lèvres Scintellantes), the previous one (Collection Avant-Première de Chanel (see here), which introduced new Rouge Coco and Rouge Coco shine options) and one yet to come (Rouge Allure... watch this space!)

27 Jun 2013

Trend colours: Corals

image thanks to furnish.co.uk

Coral-based shades are so summer-typical, they're usually the one shade I ignore the hell out of, roll my eyes, and wait for summer to be over so we can get back to more dramatic colours.  But this year, for some reason, I'm just loving them.  Probably because coral is ev-ery-where - do a google search for "coral trend 2013" and you'll see it.  Stir-in some rare great weather of late (possibly prompting my latest obsession) and you have a recipe for a summer trend-based post.

There are some really beautiful coral shades out this summer, and some really unusual takes on what constitutes coral.  Bear with me - I am not just talking namby-pamby peach-toned orangey corals;  I've moved on from NARS Orgasm (and its myriad of dupes - although this does feature in my corals collection).  I'm talking corals on a base of pink, or gold, or even yellow, or with a flash of a red undertone, or even a tangerine-apricot-shot-through-with-fuchsia.  Either way, I'm loving 'em.

Warning: image-heavy post.

26 Jun 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rose Baby Doll Eyeliner

YSL Rose Baby Doll Eyeliner

*sighs*.  I'm in looooooooove with this colour (watch out for a coral-based trend post in the next few days).

25 Jun 2013

essence guerilla gardening eyebrow mascara review

essence guerilla gardening brow mascaras

An absolute steal at just less than €2.50 each(!), essence's summer makeup collection, called guerilla gardening, features two "eyebrow mascaras", or brow sets.

24 Jun 2013

How I... store my pigments

Messy things, pigments.  Seriously messy.  Especially when you buy an expensive, limited edition, hard-to-get, now discontinued, highly pigmented stupidly opaque crazily hot pink one.  And spill it all over your mother's brand new cream carpet.  Not that I *ever* did that, of course.  So how do I store 'em?

20 Jun 2013

Del Sol Color Change Nail Polish

Yes, that is sun, in Ireland... it was a stunning day!

We're actually enjoying a very long overdue Summer here in Ireland this year - I don't think I could personally have suffered through another "Summer" of unrelenting rain!

While enjoying some of this rare (and extremely welcome!) sunshine lately, I decided I'd dig out something I'd bought but sadly, due to our climate in Ireland, hadn't yet managed to try - the Del Sol Color* Change Nail Polish I had bought in the past.  At the time I bought three shades - likely the most popular of them all, Ruby Slipper, and two others; Knock Out and Flirt.

So what's the big deal?  Well, they change colour in the sun :-)

* I know, I know, but... American product, American spelling

19 Jun 2013

Chanel L'Ete Papillon Collection - Purchases & Swatches

Chanel L'Ete Papillon purchases: Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Lime Light
& Stylo Eyeshadow in Pink Lagoon

You may remember the gorgeous campaign visuals for Chanel's Summer 2013 makeup collection, L'Ete Papillon (if not, take a look at my post here!)

This was a very bright, vibrant, bold collection and I loved it.  Realism (in the form of a credit card bill) had set in however several days beforehand, so I just purchased two items for my own stash;  the mascara in Lime Light and the new formula Stylo Eyeshadow in Pink Lagoon.

18 Jun 2013

How I... store my brushes

Another (mainly) picture post - this time how I store my brushes (and a sneak peek at the brushes I use!)

17 Jun 2013

Eshiko v Make Up For Ever HD Powder

Some HD Powders...
L -> R: Make Up For Ever, Eshiko, Laura Mercier (trial size)

I'm back - not with a bang just yet (who'd've thought pneumonia was such a b**** to shake off!), but at least with a battle.  In this post, (and finally now that I've got around to remembering it!) I compare Make Up For Ever's HD powder with Eshiko's offering - one of the latest cult products from Japan in recent years (and a photo-op compare with Laura Mercier's version too)...

13 Jun 2013

Yu-Be Cream: An update

Yu-Be Cream

(First published 29/08/12.  Re-posted with updates 13/06/13)

Yu-Be is supposedly the number one selling (medicated, vitamin-enriched) skin care cream in Japan.  I'm not from Japan and it has been a while since I've been there, so I am not going to argue with this assertion.

On the other hand, I can at least report back on my experience using it.

4 Jun 2013

I am sick. I am sorry but there will be no blog post today :-(

Sick as a small hospital :-(

I have had one flu, after another cold, after another infection, after another dose.  I am as sick as a small hospital.  I awoke today to the joys of a chest- and sinus- infection and a real, genuine, flu - together with temperature, sweats, exhaustion.  My blood pressure has tanked and I haven't managed to get past one dose before I get another - it's going on for months now, and I'm pretty fed up of it.  I haven't been this run down in - oh I don't know when ever.

I wanted to say apologies in as many languages as I could, then I thought, sod it, my head is splitting, I'll let Google Translate do it for me.  I can't attest to the accuracy of most of these - I haven't even proofed the ones I can read/write/speak in... but here goes:

I am sick.  I am sorry but there will be no blog post today :-(


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