29 Sept 2014

Dior Star Foundation - review

For today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm looking at another new foundation launched onto the world.  For me a good foundation isn't a treat, it's a hard working necessity and some of the new foundations to hit our beauty counters recently are really good.  So let's take a closer look at one of them - the brand new, sparkeldy, shiny*, Dior Star  Foundation.

*it's not actually sparkeldy or shiny


This is a medium to full coverage "tint".  Dior call this "Studio Makeup", a pretty accurate description of the coverage.  If you're into a more natural look and want to be able to see your freckles, then this is not the foundation for you.  However having said that, this foundation doesn't look like a mask resting on your face, it just makes your face look utterly flawless.


This is a beautiful "velvety with a glow" finish, like so many of the foundations being launched lately.  Everyone wants that healthy glow, but dewy foundations are somewhat on the way out, and dead flat matte is not a look for everyone.

Best suited to

Dior say all skin types and I would probably agree, based on my own usage.  My sensitive skin is normal to dry (with a slightly oily t-zone, pretty much Bang On Irish then!) and this worked best for me on well moisturised skin with a primer.  If your skin is very dry and patchy, then this may not work for you.  I could see it working nicely with oilier skin, but would need powdering.


Just as you'd expect with something called "studio" makeup, this stuff lasts.  There's been many a day recently for me where this foundation has been on my face for twelve hours and when I went to remove it, it still looked the business.  It wears down evenly and the only place I needed to do a small touch up was on my chin, which tends towards a little oiliness as the day progresses (as a desk/keyboard warrior, I'm probably guilty of chin cupping a bit, so this explains that).

Shades and Undertones

Dior Star Foundation - shades

There are fifteen shades available overall, but I believe that thirteen are available to us in Ireland.  You should be able to find a good match as the spectrum of shades available is quite good (I was colour matched to #12 and it's spot on for me, I'm not super pale, but definitely of the Irish Pale Persuasion - maybe around MAC NW15-20ish).  The undertones also divide into neutrals, pinks, golden and yellow, it's a good idea to get colour-matched for this one.  I apologise for not having a swatch, but for some reason all the photos I took turned out blurry, and as I was working from a sample size of this, and it's now gone, and I want to get this post out, it'll have to go minus swatch!


Given that you can go full coverage with this product, although the formulation of the foundation is quite creamy, it feels lighter than you'd expect on the skin.  Not completely weightless but I very much like it.

Best applied with

A sponge or a brush works great, based on what I've tried so far.  When I first tried this, at a Dior counter, the SA applied this with Dior's version of a beauty blender sponge (an egg shaped makeup sponge - I believe they're being pushed along with this foundation) and she most definitely got full coverage with it.  My personal preference is for a paddle brush as I feel I can control the coverage better that way.  I see no reason why it wouldn't work with your fingers or a buffing brush either, but I haven't tried those out yet!


This has an SPF of 30 which is a lot more than I was expecting (in a good way).  With regards to skincare, Dior says it uses "Light Pulsion" technology which, after continued use, will "target the source of the skins brightness and radiance".  Does it do that?  Well it certainly gave me flawless skin with that "glow from within" look, but that's likely just cosmetic - you're far better off to use your skincare to look after your skin rather than your makeup, although skincare ingredients in makeup can't hurt, I won't rely on them.  Price wise this one is €48 for 100ml (Debenhams.ie have it on sale at the moment for €43.20, and they ship it with a sample of the same foundation I believe - a nice idea, as you can be doubly sure that this is working before you before you crack open the bottle - a clever way around the whole not-being-able-to-try-it-before-you-buy-it-online problem).  For me, this is veering towards a bit on the spendy side for a bottle of foundation, but if you're looking for a base that will give you a  flawless look that glows (without the shine) and lasts all day, then this is the foundation for you.  I also note from my research, that despite the high levels of SPF, this foundation photographs beautifully, with no flashback.  Intriguing!  Look here for more info if you're interested.  Definitely recommended for me, and I'm going back to buy a bottle now that my sample is all used up...

Until next Monday!

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