31 Oct 2012

BH Day & Night 60 Color Eyeshadow Palette

BH 60 Color Day & Night Eyeshadow Palette
Having recently seen a number of You Tube vloggers using these palettes, I thought I'd order one and give it a whirl... I have been occasionally tempted to purchase one of the plethora of bumper-pack-of-shades inexpensive palettes available online (think Coastal Scents etc) but haven't bothered to-date.  Time to change that.

Overall, it's been a very positive experience!

30 Oct 2012

Burgundy Part II: And on to The Makeup!

Interpret burgundy however you wish; oxblood, wine, claret, bordeaux, aubergine, eggplant, cranberry, plum, purple, blood, maroon... I'm in lust.

Part I of this Burgundy trend-based mini-series shows some of the burgundy clothes, shoes, accessories that I'm currently loving... this post is all about the makeup... specifically, me raiding my stash to see what I had that is burgundy-ish.  So on we go :-)

26 Oct 2012

H&M Medium Lashes - shout out!

H&M Eye Lashes in Medium

I love lashes, but I rarely have time to apply them.  My usual makeup routine involves no more than ten minutes spent in front of the mirror, which definitely doesn't leave time for lashes.  But for nights out, for a real doing-yourself-up experience, lashes (for me!) are a must.  They can be as OTT or as tame as you like, but whether you go for strip lashes or individuals, I really think that they can oomph up a look to the nth degree!

25 Oct 2012

MAC Face & Body Collection Brushes - 215 & 163

MAC Face & Body Collection Brushes: 215 & 163

This post is a review of the latest limited edition (LE) brushes brought out by MAC as part of their recent Face & Body Collection (2012).

Let's move on from the LE nature of these brushes (LE makeup I can understand, to a point, although MAC takes the p*** somewhat.  The concept of LE brushes drives me bloody demented)...

As a point, I purchased these brushes myself and my opinions, as always are my own...

24 Oct 2012

MAC Christmas 2012 Collections - Guilty Passions, Glamour Daze & Fabulousness

I was happy to attend MAC's very first pre-Christmas launch event in Brown Thomas on Monday night for the three Holiday/Christmas collections: Guilty Passions, Glamour Daze & Fabulousness.  With MAC dolly birds wandering around with freebie champers and Ladurée macaroons, I was cursing my diet and my car-driving status... what odds.  I know from attending various Harvey Nichols events in the past that champers + me + a credit card is a horrifyingly* lethal combination.  So it was probably a good thing.  Probably.

Onwards to the event itself.  Note: this is a very large and image-heavy post...

* I wasn't horrified, not one little bit, for the record, I was in my element.  The horror was experienced by a.n.other, later, on picking me up to drop me home, replete with shopping bags ;-)

23 Oct 2012

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Matifying Foundation

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation
According to Make Up For Ever, their Mat Velvet + foundation conceals skin imperfections, evens out the complexion, matifies, has a non-oily powdery flawless finish, is easy to apply, water-resistant and long-lasting.  Mind you, they also think that it has a fluid texture (it's not what I'd describe as fluid).

22 Oct 2012

Burgundy Part I

Burgundy: the "in", trend colour of this season, there's a bunch of "burgundy-esque" offerings (clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, makeup, nail polishes, you name it) ranging from oxblood to wine to cranberry to plum.  I personally favour the more dirtied-brownish-red "old blood" ;-) end of the spectrum in my burgundy than the maroon-purple end, but that's just me.

Tomorrow's post will feature burgundy makeup, but today's post is a departure from makeup for a day to drool over some lust-have burgundy offerings in the shops/online at the moment...

18 Oct 2012

Miscellaneous Makeup Tips

Some tips on products, both in general and some more specific product/brand-based tips...

...in no particular order, but roughly added into sections.

These were just stream-of-conciousness tips; I may do another of these posts in the future as more tips occur to me!

17 Oct 2012

My favourite YouTube videos of the last 6 weeks

This one is a bit of a cheat post!  Things have been beyond hectic lately and I haven’t had any time to catch up with my YouTube subscriptions.  I finally sat down last night to take a look at a long long list – nearly six weeks’ full of “new” videos all to be watched.  It was a long, fun night.  At close to midnight I realised I hadn’t written a blog for today, and given my 6am start, was unlikely to begin at that point.

So I thought I’d share with you the YouTube videos I enjoyed the most out of all those I watched instead J.  Maybe you already follow or subscribe to some of these very talented people, or perhaps you might discover something new and fun!  Either way, I hope you enjoy and I’ll try find time to blog later for tomorrow!

16 Oct 2012

Vichy DermaBlend Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick

Vichy Dermablend
Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

Dermablend is a US brand which Vichy took over.  This review is for the cream-stick version (it's also available in a more heavy coverage fluid form).  I have it in 12/Opal and it's not a bad match (it's very slightly paler than I need but nothing that bronzer can't fix) for my NC25ish skin.  This isn't a type of foundation that I use very often, but it's readily available in pharmacies and isn't particularly expensive, and recommended for sensitive skins, and supposedly works as both foundation and concealer, so I thought I'd try it out for my kit...

15 Oct 2012

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

...lend me your ears.

I wanted to write a slightly different post.  One unrelated to makeup (per se).  A little about me, and a little about some people I know... please do read on, you might discover a link to a Person Of Interest!

12 Oct 2012

Chanel Christmas 2012 Collection

Chanel Christmas 2012

The Chanel Christmas make-up collection Éclats du Soir de Chanel, launches on Friday 9th November.  Chanel's legendary “rouge noir” shade, enriched with gold and bronze, forms the basis of the inspiration for the collection (see here for a recent review of Chanel's Rouge Noir lipstick).

11 Oct 2012

Parlux Hairdryer: My review

Parlux 3200 Compact Hairdryer
In a metallic red, to match my hairbrushes ;-)

Recently a friend of mine asked me what I planned to blog about this week. I mentioned a few ideas, including maybe a review of my Parlux hairdryer.

"Stop there", says she. "I don't use hairdryers myself, but I believe that a good hairdryer is hard to find, if my sisters are anything to go by".

I have had this hairdryer now for about nine months. It took me one use to discover what the fuss is all about. And a subsequent return to a "bog-standard" hairdryer for a single occasion (where I found myself hairdryer-less of a weekend) to confirm my findings. I shall never buy a different hairdryer again!

10 Oct 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
 This is a great understated foundation for when you want a little more coverage.  It's one I use on myself and one I use on brides, despite the SPF (more on that later).  According to MAC, it's a hydrating formula and "instantly revitalises the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush".  It's not a foundation I'll rave about, but one I'll quietly use in the background and know I can count on...

9 Oct 2012

Vamp It! Chanel Rouge Noir (Hydrabase v Allure)

Out with the old and in with the new...

(another Chanel post - I'm not obsessed, I'm not, I'm not)

L -> R: Old / #18 Rouge Noir (Rouge Hydrabase), New / #109 Rouge Noir (Rouge Allure)

Chanel Rouge Noir is one of those cult lippies.  This is such a 90's colour.  Quite dramatic, with darkened plum, blackened cherry, old-blood red shades, this is an absolute vampy femme fatale shade with dark chocolate brown and plum undertones underneath the burgundy red shade.

8 Oct 2012


Chanel Notorious "blush"
(photo from Chanel website - this stuff is seriously difficult to photograph well)

Sorry, no, not the Duran Duran song from the '80s... this is the Chanel powder "blush" called Notorious.  Seriously extremely LE (and therefore, I Had to have it) and only available in Ireland through the Chanel Boutique in Brown Thomas, I've been waiting on this one for a while (it launched, like a lot of the very LE Chanel makeup, a few weeks late).

As most of you who have read this blog from time to time know, I have an obsession for all things contour-y.  And this is no different.

5 Oct 2012

Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette (Concealers, Correctors & Foundations)

Bobbi Brown BBU Palette in all its amazing open wonder :-)
On the left: concealers & correctors.  On the right: cream foundations

Very rarely does something come along that is both workhorse and amazing.  This palette is it.

The Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette is probably not a necessity, to be honest about it, for the average punter, but unbelievably amazing for the makeup artist who wants access to the most usual (and usable) shades of foundation and concealer necessary.

4 Oct 2012

Dior One Essential Capture Totale Skin Boosting Super Serum

Dior *deep breath* One Essential Capture Totale Régénérateur Cellulaire Intense Skin Boosting Serum

What is it with the super-long names for these things?

Ok so my skin is going thru some hiccoughs lately.  I'm de-toxing for the last eight weeks or so, and that always makes it act out somewhat.  Almost like it keeps going, doing its thing, motoring on, pottering away... then when I start a new dietary regime, it stops and thinks to itself, whohoo, my time to shine...  So I've been a bit congested of late (and long overdue a decent facial, hmmm, must schedule that in).

Given that we're now hell-for-leather-bent to approaching wintertime here (I'm freezing the last week or so!) I've needed to Get Real with my face creams again.  I'm back (after a temporary summer hiatus of trialling a few different face creams - more reviews will follow eventually) using my beloved CDLM moisturiser, but I have still been trying out a few different serums to see what is good and what is not.

This one?  Meh.

3 Oct 2012

MAC Pro Sculpting Creams II - the Highlight Shades

This is Part II and refers to the highlight cream products from this line.
Please refer to part I: MAC Face & Body Collection and Pro Sculpting Creams for the darker (contour) products.

2 Oct 2012

MAC Face & Body Collection: Pro Sculpting Creams (& dupes!)

MAC's latest collection is called Face & Body (note: it's possible that this link may only work as long as the collection is live) and features new and LE (limited edition) pressed pigments, new and LE Pro Sculpting Creams, new-sized (but same formulation and colour) Face & Body foundations, and two new (and LE) brushes.  The main focus of this post is the Pro Sculpting Creams, as I'm ever so slightly obsessed with highlighters and contour products :-)

I have swatched the pressed pigments in-store and found them too frosted to be of any use whatsoever (in my opinion).

Of the two brushes, I am interested in one only (more on that at a later date).

Battle of the Clinique High Impact Mascaras...

L -> R: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Recently*, I found myself (the Extreme Horror!) in the situation, having packed far too quickly, of having No Mascara With Me.

As someone who was to scared by those little dagger-like application wands to even use the stuff until my late twenties dawned, I can not leave the house without it now.  So off into the local beauty hall went I (replete with extra large sunglasses to hide my naked lashes) with the intent of purchasing another Clinique High Impact mascara - one I already have (in travel size).

"Have you seen the new one?"  says the sales assistant.

"New one?"  says I.  Bring it on...

Ten minutes of product bumf and an emergency mascara application later, I emerged into the sunshine* with my brand new High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.  In a larger, shinier and newer looking container than the old, plebeian, High Impact Mascara.

That shop had large windows.

* relatively recently.  Within the last six months or so, say.
**relative sunshine.  This story takes place in Ireland, after all.

1 Oct 2012

MAC Studio Finish Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Finish Powder Plus Foundation

Continuing the "Foundation" series, MAC Studio Finish Powder Plus Foundation does exactly what it says on the tin.  Per MAC, it combines coverage and ease of application as both a foundation and a finishing powder in one.


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