1 Sept 2014

Monday's Giveaway - the nudes

Sooooo... I'm on holidays.  Seriously, much-needed time off.  I've been guarding this period of two weeks like a hawk, refusing to take on any bridals or trials, even one or two that would have been nicely lucrative!  I've decided for the second of the two weeks to have mini, teeny tiny, bijoux giveaways each day... today is the turn of the nudes :-)

So: today's giveaway is the gorgeous "Hero Shade" of nailpolish, Cadogan Square, from nails inc. This is a lovely warmed-up nude, perfect for elongating your hands.

The lippie is photographing a little more pink than it is in the flesh, but it's a pink-toned nude Clarins Rouge Eclat in Strawberry Sorbet, from the latest Clarins Ladylike collection.  Yum.

To enter, simply comment below.  Please feel free to retweet or share via Facebook if you fancy too!  I'll announce the winners when I get back from holidays, around the middle of September, so hold tight, and good luck!

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