30 Mar 2015

NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette - review

For Today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm sharing my love of a recent birthday gift... the NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette,  When it comes to present buying my family, we make life easy and tell each other what it is we want!  So as requested, this palette appeared on my birthday from my siblings, together with a lovely bottle of wine.  Happy girl, me!

27 Mar 2015

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream - review

Although lately I try to stick to one range of products for my skincare routine, I feel I have a little more wiggle room with my cleanser.  I have a lot of cleansers.  Different types for different tricks, different moods.  One of my favourites is this one, the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream.  It is something of a genuine champion for stressed-out skin.  I tend to crack it out when my skin has been Winterised (it’s a thing) or if I’ve been poorly.   It takes care of me, or, my skin at least.

23 Mar 2015

Clarins Instant Concealer - review

For today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm talking about what has fast become my go-to favourite concealer, Clarins Instant Concealer.

13 Mar 2015

Competition: 2 nights stay at Faithlegg House Hotel

Quick one before I'm heading away for a much needed break...

Calling all brides and grooms! Mrs2Be wedding site are offering the chance to win a competition for a 2 night stay at Faithlegg House Hotel (gorgeous place, my neck of the woods!) including dinner for one of the nights.  All you have to do is:

  • complete a survey here
  • mention on the questionnaire that I referred you too!

Simples!  This survey is completed each year and last year's results are here if you're interested.

Back next week with some more blog posts.  Happy St. Patrick's day to you all for next week!

9 Mar 2015

Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel - Review

My name is Catherine and I'm a cleansing nut.  Why?  Because cleaning your skin properly is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  To clean your face properly, all you need is a face cloth and a decent cleanser.  Cleansers come in every texture you can think of so go with whichever one you like the best.  My favourite textures for my dry skin are creams and balms, and for today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm reviewing a cleanser that was a new discovery for me late last year, Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

6 Mar 2015

Giorgio Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou - review

If you've been near Brown Thomas lately, then you won't have avoided getting a whiff of this gorgeousness before you've even reached the Beauty Hall; Giorgio Armani Privé's latest EdT.  Called Pivoine Suzhou (yes, I haven't the faintest idea how to pronounce it either), this is the latest addition to “Les Eaux” collection and supposedly the first Armani Privé fragrance to be inspired by the gardens of Asia.

4 Mar 2015

Crème de la Mer The Treatment Lotion - review

Oh look, I know I'm a CDLM junkie, but seriously, this is the first thing since my Chanel Trio, which in turn was the first thing since my very first introduction to (Crème de) La Mer, all those year ago, that really made a huge, noticeable, tangible difference to my skin.

The (relatively) new Crème de la Mer Treatment Lotion is one of those rare things in skincare;  it does what it says.  Ok, you can ignore the bumpf on the CDLM site about it being a "miraculous source of vitality" or that it's like "liquid energy".  How and ever, a drop-and-a-bit of this each day really helps.

2 Mar 2015

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil - Review

MontyC here and I've got a right little gem for you this week here on Planet Make Up For Dolls!  Take a look at this - it's the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, the newest addition to the Instant Light range (I'm never without the amazing Instant Light Lip Perfector) and what a fantastic addition it is too.  This was released as part of the Garden Escape (Spring 2015) Collection from Clarins a couple of months ago.


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