6 Feb 2013

Venice Masked Ball - my costume

So I've been quiet on the blog front as of late.  There have been a number of reasons for this, full-time work, and bootcamp classes in the evenings, a trip away to London for work, a couple of product launches, and working on my very own lipstick!  All exciting things, but it's been absolutely mental.

There's another reason too.  I'm hosting a birthday in a couple of weeks' time - my own ;-)  It's one of those mumble-mumble birthdays, one of the ones with a zero at the end of them, one of the ones we're never happy with reaching.  I wanted to do something monumental for it.  I toyed with buying a "thing", however expensive, something so ridiculously OTT that I'd always remember the occasion.  But that idea just didn't interest me.  I don't want things.  I want company, and memories, and experiences.  I want family around for dinner and my friends out to the pub some night, and my husband to accompany me somewhere special.

Special, in this instance, was something I'd always wanted to do - go to Carnevale in Venice.  Go to a masked ball.  Dress up in silly finery and have a blast.  Looking into it all, I realised just how crazily expensive it all was.  Without going into the detail, suffice it to say that the ball tickets alone, although expensive, are only half the cost of the night - you pay about the same again to rent out a costume for 24 hours.  And the ball has a strict dress policy:  period costume.

So I decided that I would make my own - both to save some cash and to have the fun of creating.  So that's what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks;  crazed sewing, trying to fit in making a costume with everything else ongoing at the moment.  I finally finished it last night.  Well, early this morning really!

If you're remotely interested in a mainly picture-based post to see the evolution of fabric-to-frock, read on (I should warn you, it's completely unrelated in any way to makeup :-))

(Warning: image-heavy post)


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