2 Sept 2014

Tuesday's Giveaway - black n white

Day two of my holidays, day two of my little mini giveaways.  Today, it's all about the nails, in black and white!

So: today's giveaway is BarryM's fantastic nailpolish 47/Black (this stuff is brilliant), Inglot's nailpolish 216 (this is the white) and a set of black Nail Pearls, complete with a tiny funnel (useful for getting those tiny unused beaded buggers back into the jar afterwards!

As with Monday's giveaway, to enter, simply comment below.  Please feel free to retweet or share via Facebook if you fancy too!  Feel free to enter all or some or none of these giveaways... I'll announce the winners when I get back from holidays, around the middle of September, so hold tight, and good luck!

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