8 Jun 2015

Sundari Spa (Killarney Plaza Hotel) - not your usual spa experience

I haven’t blogged for some time.  More regular readers (are there any left?  If so, thanks for sticking with me!) will be aware of my house-hunting woes;  without going into details or starting down a pity-me spiral, suffice it to say the last ten-going-on-eleven months have been... difficult.  There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s starting to look like things are going to work out now - all for the better.  That said, living out of boxes, in relations’ houses, and hotels, hasn’t been easy, and I’ve really not been in a blogging space for some time.

So although it’s going to be another few months before I do get back to “normality” and start blogging afresh, I really did want to break my silence to wax lyrical about a fantastic experience I had over the weekend at the Killarney Plaza Hotel, in the relatively-new Sundari Spa there.  My challenge will be not to gush too much actually!


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