30 Sept 2013

Wow Brown Ready to Glo Dark Tanning Liquid - review

Ready to Glo Liquid - DARK

Inspired by their famous professional salon formula, Ready to Glo (DARK) spritz-it-on-at-home self-tan from Wow Brown is a liquid-based product, condensed down to give the highest DHA concentration (ie the ingredient in self-tan products that turns you brown).  So in theory, it should give me a salon-strength spray tan at home...

27 Sept 2013

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow #57 Black Stream - review

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow #57 Black Stream

I'd purchased these in Moon River and Pink Lagoon before I loved them.  So (even though I need another black cream product like I need a hole in my head) I decided I'd try to get the black one, Black Stream, while it was available.

As a reminder, these are Limited Edition, and from Chanel's summer makeup collection, l'Ete Papillon de Chanel.  Likely that there are few of these around, but a handful of concessions I tried last week still had a couple of these in different shades...

26 Sept 2013

Natura Bissé Oxygen line (Gel & Cream) - review

Natura Bissé Oxygen Range

The Oxygen line by Natura Bissé is aimed at slightly maturing skin which needs a bit of TLC; some revitalization, some purification, some of its glow restored.  It contains ingredients designed to help decongest the skin and restore vitality.  I've been using Natura Bissé products for some years now, and decided it was time to annotate my experience with some of the different ranges.

25 Sept 2013

YSL Babydoll Eyeliner #10 Golden Brown Light - review

I've blogged about the Rose Baby Gold one (yum) here.  I've blogged about the Steel Reflections one (called YSL Moiré Eyeliner but it seems to be the same thing as the Babydoll eyeliner) here.  The latest Babydoll eyeliner I purchased, #10 in Golden Brown Light, is equally lovely.

Again, I could wax lyrical about the formula, the brush, the finish of this one, but I'm sure you've already read my other posts (links above if not!) and are already familiar with my liking of these eyeliners.  So I'll let the images do the talking...

24 Sept 2013

28 days later. Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend

I've already previewed this trio of products and today, four weeks on, I am publishing my review.  I've actually been champing at the bit to sing out loud about how good this stuff is, but I decided to be disciplined and give it the full month :-)

I can understand why they are pushing these so hard.  They are bloody brilliant.

23 Sept 2013

Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in Icon

Hourglass Icon collection

I feel like all I'm doing is waxing lyrical about stuff of late, but I have a lot of great stuff to recommend.

One such (new purchase) is this lipstick from the Hourglass Icon collection (look here for more information); a collection I spotted in Liberty's, on a recent London trip.

20 Sept 2013

Mane 'n Tail - His 'n Hers review

Mane n’ Tail was developed in New Jersey forty years ago and, as most people will know, started its life as a horse grooming product!

I've been intrigued with the notion of this product for years, but wasn't willing to pay the expense of having it shipped over from the States (back when it wasn't available in Ireland).  According to all who use it, and its celebrity fanbase (Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore just to mention a few ladies with flowing glowing locks), and (more importantly) its endorsements by industry professionals, who wouldn't want to try it?  Especially given that it's not remotely expensive (around €7 for the 355ml bottle and €9 for the 473ml bottle).  It's also now available pretty much everywhere - I purchased it from my local pharmacy.

17 Sept 2013

philisophy's kit for home microdermabrasion - review

philosophy - the microdelivery peel

Following on from a lot of searching around about town (Arnotts, Brown Thomas, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser...), I finally hit upon this en route to London last weekend.

I have used a few bits and pieces from philosophy before (which reminds me, I really ought to blog about them!) so I was happy enough to try this out.  As per recent post on Trish McEvoy BHA pads I have been on the search for a good BHA peel, and this one, a two-step at-home microdermabrasion kit, looked interesting.

16 Sept 2013

Suqqu Cheek Brush - review

so much fuss over such a little thing...

Imagine some barely contained, inside-voice squealing, to accompany this post.  And some general sighing.  And another squeal or two for good measure...

13 Sept 2013

BBBBB: British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box - review (part II)

BBB Beauty Box Contents
Image Courtesy of BBB site

This review was kindly provided by MontyC, who has guest posted a number of times in the past.  Thanks MontyC!  It's quite a long review and this is the second part of two... look here for the first part.

12 Sept 2013

BBBBB: British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box - review (part I)

BBB Beauty Box Contents
Image Courtesy of BBB site

This review was kindly provided by MontyC, who has guest posted a number of times in the past.  Thanks MontyC!  It's quite a long review and this is the first part of two...

11 Sept 2013

So long, summer face :-(

Summer makeup featured a lot of these...

Now that we're facing into the Autumn, I'm looking back on the summer and realising that, much as I love makeup, and the fun you can have with it, I really do wear hardly any of it in the heat - or at least as little as I can be bothered with/get away with.

But I ain't getting any younger and need some level of coverage for (a) decency (b) professionalism in my work situation.  So what did I actually bother with, then?

10 Sept 2013

Bridal Survival Kit - review

Carmel and Oonagh at Galánta Events, an Irish Event Planning/Management Service business based out of Waterford are clearly doing well, as they've won the Best in New Business/Enterprise Award at the FAB Waterford Women in Business Awards in 2012.  I noticed their call out, some time back on a recent Irish blogger site, looking for guest contributors, and while I had my hands sufficiently full with my own posts at the time, a few clicks later I found something that caught my eye - a product they've put together called the Bridal Survival Kit.  Being involved closely with brides, I contacted them and asked them if they'd be interested in me reviewing it.  So they agreed, and kindly send me one in the post.

9 Sept 2013

My empties - replace or displace?

what I've got around to using up...

My current empties... so what do I recommend and what am I happy to toss?  There are some surprises to report!

5 Sept 2013

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - an updated size (and it's huge!)

Coco Mademoiselle EDP new 200ml size

Goin' large... a quick heads up for the Coco Mademoiselles fans...

Chanel... in Black & Blue

Nope, this is not about bruises!  The black is for the ladies (and is already out).  The blue is for the gents (and is out this week)...

4 Sept 2013

Collection Superstition de Chanel - purchases & swatches

Sticking to the plan... mostly :-)

Well, I previewed this collection recently and figured I'd probably want a few items - to look at the new Stylo Yeux eyeliner and to buy the new Volume de Chanel Mascara - both in a khaki-bronze shade.  I had also wanted to look at the nail polish, Le Vernis, in Alchemie (in khaki and gold), to complete the matching triad.  And just to swatch, nothing more, the Ombre Essential shade of Gri-Gri.

I came close enough, with my final purchases, to my original plan :-)

3 Sept 2013

Irish Nails & Makeup for the ODI

Those who don't follow cricket won't know that ODI stands for One Day International.  Today, arguably the biggest Cricket match ever held in Ireland sees us (the Irish!) hosting them (the English) in Malahide Castle in North County Dublin for a limited overs match in which two Irish players feature on the English squad, in which the English are arguably featuring their second squad, and in which I sincerely hope we win...

I shall be there, cheering on the Boys In Green, with my OH to whom I've explained the rules of cricket at least a dozen times, and with whom I'm fairly certain I'll lose my rag if I have to explain them again :-)


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