23 Sept 2014

Vichy Idealia Eyes - preview

A new product just launched by Vichy promises that holy grail: a single step eye care that corrects dark circles, lines and shadows, and that has long-lasting results over continued use: Vichy Idealia Eyes.

OK lookit, I might as well be honest and say I'm sceptical.  Not that I don't trust Vichy products, which are usually pretty good, or this product in general, but because the majority of products that I've used which claim to correct my dark circles have proved themselves (sorry, I have to do this) an #EpicFail.  So I remain to be convinced.

This particular product ia combination of both a standard eye care product, containing ingredients that help with the aforementioned concerns (I say help - nothing will fix entirely), together with a brightening cosmetic corrector.  Because the skin around the eyes is very fragile (up to ten times thinner than the rest of the face), a new silicone applicator (we've seen this before on other products and it's an interesting one) works to very gently impart a minute amount of product in a way that doesn't pull or drag your eyes.  This applicator alone is definitely potentially interesting.

Interesting applicator

Without getting into the science behind it, the ingredients contained within this gel-cream include (a) stuff that works on hyper-pigmentation (so if your dark circles are caused by this, as mine mainly are, this might work a bit).   Stuff that works on dark circles from tiredness (Vitamin C).  Stuff that works on fine lines and redness (Vitamin B3)  Stuff that helps tighten, drain, de-congest (caffeine), along with your brightening agents, soft-focus pigments and mother-of-pearl (cosmetic ingredients).  As with all Vichy products, it's paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, tested on sensitive skin under dermatological and ophthalmological control and suitable for contact lens wearers.  All good things, but rather lofty promises, so I'll have to report back and we shall see... certainly on Use Number One, I liked what it did, but lets see if there are longer lasting results to be reported here...

A 25ml tube will cost you €24 and has been available in most pharmacies from around about the end of August/start of September - so you should be seeing it on the shelves already.  I will report back.  Sounds interesting at least, and it's not ridiculously priced, so why not.

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