24 Sept 2013

28 days later. Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend

I've already previewed this trio of products and today, four weeks on, I am publishing my review.  I've actually been champing at the bit to sing out loud about how good this stuff is, but I decided to be disciplined and give it the full month :-)

I can understand why they are pushing these so hard.  They are bloody brilliant.

These are designed to be used as a trio to completely reset your skin.  You use Le Jour every morning, along with your usual skincare routine.  For me this has meant a cleanse and tone, then applying Le Jour, then my eye cream, my SPF and my moisturiser.  Le Jour can be used under eye cream/around the eye area if you wish.  It can be used to replace your serum or be used before it.  In the summer, I'm happy to use it in lieu of a serum, in the wintertime, I'll likely use a light serum on top of it.  It's a clear gel, with a brisk scent, and I've found that one full pump is sufficient.

La Nuit is used in a similar fashion, every evening, after you remove makeup and cleanse/tone.  Again, you use La Nuit either before or instead of your serum in your skincare routine, same as with Le Jour.  One full pump is more than enough, and again, it can be used around your eye area if you like.

Le Weekend is slightly different.  It is only to be used at the weekend (or whatever your own "weekend" equivalent is).  It is intended to be used for one or two days maximum, both day and night.  It should not be used near the eye area, and it's intended to be used as a single item, so no serum and no moisturiser are applied afterwards (but apply your eye cream, same as usual).  This is a bit of a leap of faith, but trust me, it manages to do the job of both products on its own somehow, leaving your skin super soft and relaxed.  It's a gel-cream hybrid and I find that I'm using slightly more of this, around one-and-a-half full pumps each time.

What I found...

On my first use of Le Jour, I must admit that I wasn't convinced of it - it feels slightly cooling (nice), it smells faintly alcoholic (not nice, and had me wondering if it would dry out my skin).  It was very slightly drying on my skin as it happens, so I figured I will have to wait-and-see.

And my first use of La Nuit?  Oooooh.  Gorgeous.  Soft, comforting, comfortable, smells absolutely divine, feels amazing on my skin - both refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Day two, when I woke up, I thought that my skin looked and felt refreshed, but that could have been me wanting to see a change - it needed a few days more to verify.

So, onwards.  The second day of Le Jour and La Nuit went more or less the same... I wasn't convinced about Le Jour, I was in love with La Nuit.  And so it went for most of the first week.  Fast-track to the end of the week, as I couldn't wait to use Le Weekend as I'd heard great things about it.  First use, first impressions?  Yum.  Smells delicious.  Feels strange - refreshing but quite moisturising after a couple of minutes on my face.  I was sceptical about not needing to use moisturiser on top of this but it's absolutely true, it's not necessary at all.

Week two... hang on a second... my skin was... wow!  Clearer and brighter.  Genuinely smoother.  Makeup and products were applying much more easily.  And during week two, I noticed that Le Jour was no longer making my skin feel a tiny bit dry.  So the claims of this skincare trio to "reset your skin" seem to have some basis in reality.

Week three... my skin felt silky smooth when I washed it in the shower every morning.  My skin was softer all the time, and it seemed to need (marginally) less makeup and less moisturiser.

And so it went, with each progressive week.  I absolutely attest to the genuine efficacy of this trio.  My skin looks younger.  (I don't look younger unfortunately but my skin most certainly does does).  My complexion looks more rested - clearer and brighter.  My dark circles are very slightly lighter.  My fine lines (I'm lucky enough in that they're still very fine) are very slightly diminished.  My skin is smoother and it positively glows (the last time I felt this Wow Factor about a skincare product was when I was 28 and I started using CDLM for the first time - back then people used to ask me what I was using on my skin;  I've had the same compliments and observations about my skin while using this.  And lets just say that there have been a few years between then and now).

The trio is not cheap, and I don't know how long the products will last, but I am absolutely loving them and there's no way I won't replace when they're used up.  Also as previously mentioned, my concern about Le Jour has passed - it doesn't appear to dry out my skin, and I suspect that this is because I'm using the trio, together, as they are intended to be used, and not just Le Jour on its own.  The fact that Le Weekend replaces all other skincare products at the weekend also makes my weekend packing (when I'm travelling, which is often), much simpler :-)

One quick note however.  Do not use Le Weekend on your skin in conjunction with any other AHA/BHA products (BHA in particular).  It stings like a jellyfish on acid when you apply Le Weekend after any acid-related facial.  Owweeee.  It was a bit of a dim thing to do, but I wasn't thinking (week 2).  It won't happen again!

Look here at my previous post outlining the trio in more detail, and look here on the Chanel site where it shows you how to use this amazing stuff.

Incidentally, Chanel also have a lot of links on their site containing supplementary information (how the work, the science behind them, you name it) if you're interested in knowing more:
  • Le Jour info here and science here 
  • La Nuit info here and science here
  • Le Weekend info here and science here

Disclaimer: I was grateful to receive these from Chanel PR for my consideration, however my opinion is not swayed by the fact that these were complimentary - when I run out, I will categorically, emphatically, purchase.  Huge recommend.  Huge.

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