26 Sept 2014

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm - review

I'll put my hands up and say that styling products and hair "stuff" in general has always made me nervous.  Now that I'm (literally) lying on a couch and exploring the subject, I think this may be due to having zilch money during my earlier getting-dolled-up-and-going-out years (pre-babies!), causing me to resort to, frankly, shite products, resulting in, frankly, shite hair.  Excuse my French but there is no other way to describe it...

I'm delighted to report however that those days are behind me;  my crispy-mousse-head days have ended with the chopping off of most of my hair.  A pixie crop sort of forces you to make more of an effort in an attempt to avoid looking like a little boy.  As most people with short hair will know, products are all-important, and I have now found three products that I use;  a primer, volumising powder and a blast of hairspray, the former being the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm.  This is actually a hair primer, essentially, just like using a face primer, this prepares the hair for whatever you're going to use on top, boosts the efficiency of your other products and therefore the staying power of your style.  Awesome.
Me, myself n I, with my new(ish) pixie cut

First things first, if you've read my other posts you'll know that I like to smell things, nice things obviously, this being one of those nice things.  Yummmmm.  Moving on, this has the texture of a gel-cream which feels quite silky and light, and a little goes a long way, especially for short hair.  For longer hair there's a great video tutorial on the Percy & Reed website (which is y'know, slightly more refined than videoing myself shcraping my hands through a few inches of hair for about two seconds).

obligatory splodge...

I try to not condition my hair every day (I have to wash it every day unfortunately) as it gets a little flat and lank quickly otherwise, but Murphy's law states that Thine Hair Shalt Be Fluffy on the days that you don't.  A little slick of this through towel dried hair means that all stays in place in an orderly fashion, giving me nicely manageable, non-greasy hair and I can work away with my usual volumising powder and the obligatory blast of spray and I'm good to go.  On days that I'm not too bothered about setting a specific style, I work a teeny pea-sized blob through dry hair to control any way-ward strands and define any part that, well, needs defining.  I love how it makes my hair feel naturally soft and light, rather than heavy and stiff, which a lot of products designed for shorter hair can do.

In case you hadn't gathered, this is a yes yes yes for me, it has become part of my ritual so I will be purchasing this when it runs out (my one was freebie with some magazine or other from the summer time).  Full sized version is around €26 for 75ml and can be bought on Asos here or also from Harvey Nichols in Dublin.  This lasts such a long time, it really is worth the price tag.

Until next time, tame yer mane!
Emer (theartymama) x

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