29 Feb 2012

Rimmel Nail Rescue. Da bomb.

Rimmel Nail Rescue
Today I filed my nails.

This really might seem like a "big deal so what" kind of statement.  Until I point out that I have, in fact, had no cause or reason to file them for several years.  Because they were flaking, breaking, chipping, cracking, shearing off... I would file them to try make them stronger, to no avail.  They were soft, bendy and breaky.  Nightmare nails.

MAC Cleansing Wipes

MAC Cleansing Wipes: Not bad, actually
I broke my own cardinal rule lately:  "Thou shalt never again, ever resort to using makeup removal wipes".  I have a pack of MAC cleansing wipes in my kit for "emergencies".  An unexpected trip to the hospital (not the visiting kind of trip) last week definitely qualified as such, and I was glad I had them (there wasn't going to be space or time for my usual makeup removal ritual pre-op).  I had avoided using them up until then, but I can now say that I will use them again;  not by preference, but certainly in a clinch they do the job.

14 Feb 2012

Dupe Alert! MAC Club v MUA Shade 12

Left: MAC Club
Right: MUA Shade #12
Another day, another post, another dupe!  And more budget makeup, whohoo!  This time we're looking at MAC Club and MUA's Shade 12...

13 Feb 2012

Battle of the Cheap Eyeliner Pens: Rimmel Flash v Avon Extra Lasting

Some cheap pen liners.  Well, when they're on sale...
It seems that most of my posts of late are straying into budget makeup.  That's fine, it's information I'm asked for on a regular basis, anyhow.  This post is no different.

10 Feb 2012

DIY Blank Makeup Face Charts

Here's a quick and dirty post (edit: actually, no, it turned out quite waffly) on how to make your own face charts, and how to work with them.  This one is mostly for the MUAs out there who are looking for an alternative to more expensive blank face charts, but might be of interest to anyone who is makeup obsessed, or likes to catalogue or plan their looks, or fancies the artistry that goes into creating one...

9 Feb 2012

MUA 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Liner: Don't Bother

MUA 3 in 1 eXtreme Contour Liner:
Extremely Useless
As the title suggests, don't bother.  This is a bit sad, because in general I really like MUA stuff (I have un-followed them on Twitter lately, because my feed was getting flooded with utterly excited and excitable posts from MUA and their twitterazzi, but that aside, I love them as a brand).  We have only a few Superdrug pharmacies in Ireland, and I have to travel to get to mine, but I usually stock up on a few items while I'm there or in London.

Read all about it! Avon Liner in "Supershock" Chanel dupe!

Chanel Rose Platine,
Avon Supershock in Golden Fawn,
Chanel Khaki Platine,
MAC Street Cool Shadestick
I have to confess, I am a bit late to the party with this one.  But perhaps there are some people out there who are unaware of this... so I'll post anyhow...

I had a eureka moment about two weeks ago, when I realised that a very close match for my beloved LE* Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner pencil (ref the always lovely Café Makeup for more info) was the latest (sadly LE also) cheap-as-chips Avon Supershock gel eyeliner pencil in Golden Fawn.

3 Feb 2012

Magical Inexpensive Lipgloss - MyFace cosmetics

This post is about a magical lipgloss.  Every so often something comes along that is just amazing.  More often than not, this "amazing" product is expensive.  Not so much this time...


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