29 Apr 2012

Institut Esthederm Time Technology Crème Review

Good stuff: Time Technology Crème
from Institut Esthederm
This stuff works.  I am an absolute dyed-in-the-wool Crème de la Mer fan, veering occasionally away in a flight of fancy, or due to a recommendation from a friend, or perhaps because a sample size of something-or-other is sent my way.

For about six months, I subscribed to GlossyBox and Carmine, and mostly what I got at the end of the six months was a general feeling of annoyance (more on that some other time), a plethora of (mostly nice) shower gels (I am still using them up) and some interesting moisturisers to try...

22 Apr 2012

Where to buy makeup brushes

Bet she wishes she hadn't offered to model now...
Long overdue post.  Suffice it to say time is a very precious commodity at present; this is both a good and bad thing...

Today I want to talk about makeup brushes.  When I started this out, I knew nothing about brushes, other than a small handful I owned (one Estée Lauder foundation brush, one Clarins blusher brush, one Clarins powder brush).  I also knew nothing about how to use them, in fact I found the notion of brushes quite intimidating.

When I started my venture into makeup several years ago, and needed to purchase kit brushes, I presumed that MAC was were the only brand of makeup brushes available to me.  As I couldn't afford a full set of MAC at the time, and as I had no idea where to start looking, I purchased the set that the makeup school sold me (at a phenomenal premium, I later discovered, much to my extreme annoyance).

In the intervening years, I've discovered some brilliant (and inexpensive) brands, I've bought and used them and here are my thoughts on the good ones...

8 Apr 2012

How-to: Eyeliner flicks

As you know, I did a post lately on my favourite eyeliners... and in this post I mentioned that I really should follow-up with an information piece on how to do eyeliner (cat-eye) flicks.  Here it is.  It's a bit long, wordy and descriptive, but it shows you how to create perfect eyeliner flicks.  I hope it helps!


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