30 Sept 2014

Irish Inglot Online Store Opens Tomorrow!

Inglot's Irland online store... opening its virtual doors 01 October '14

Try saying that three times!  As a lover of All Things Inglot, I'm delighted to pass on some PR news to you - Inglot's Irish online store launches tomorrow, 1st of October.  In conjunction with the launch, there are a handful of new products to report (brief preview below) and also another announcement, there's a Cork store, yes, Cork is finally getting their own Inglot store (MontyC, who lives in Cork, will no doubt be delirah!) - opening around the end of the month (October).  Happy days!

Quick New Product Previews...

Kohl Pencil #5
A number of other brands already have one of these so it was high time Inglot joined in - #5 is a beige coloured waterproof kohl eyeliner pencil with Inglot's fantastic opaque coverage and silky, non-dragging texture.  The rest of their eyeliners are quite pigmented so I'm assuming no less of this one.  A beige, or neutral, or skin-toned eyeliner shade is a lovely (far more natural) alternative to the lower waterline to give the appearance of wider, more refreshed eyes, than a harsh white liner, which can look quite artificial.

Make up Fixer
Another makeup fixing spray, this is a spray to assist with homogenising powder makeup and - very slightly - extending the life of your makeup.  It's alcohol-free and unlike most of these sprays, Inglot's one is unscented.  It gives a satin finish to makeup and can be used all over the face, eyes, lips.

New Autumn (Fall) Collection: Fall In Love
Ireland's Autumn season is actually the inspiration for Inglot's Fall collection this year, which the kind of rich but muted shades that we in Ireland associate with Autumn, including five new shades of AMC gel eyeliners, five new matching freedom eyeshadows and five matching nail polishes (warm brown, ochre/mustard, moss green, muted medium blue and a lilac taupe).  I will find out more info and post soon.

Delighted to hear about the online store opening (www.inglot.ie, by the way);  I am in the middle of a move - likely away from The Big Smoke (Dublin) and it'll be great to be able to get my Inglot staples delivered to me :-)

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