25 Sept 2013

YSL Babydoll Eyeliner #10 Golden Brown Light - review

I've blogged about the Rose Baby Gold one (yum) here.  I've blogged about the Steel Reflections one (called YSL Moiré Eyeliner but it seems to be the same thing as the Babydoll eyeliner) here.  The latest Babydoll eyeliner I purchased, #10 in Golden Brown Light, is equally lovely.

Again, I could wax lyrical about the formula, the brush, the finish of this one, but I'm sure you've already read my other posts (links above if not!) and are already familiar with my liking of these eyeliners.  So I'll let the images do the talking...

YSL Babydoll Eyeliner in #10 Golden Brown Light

This is gorgeous - it's a multi-dimensional brown, with a coppery/gold shimmer and barely barely barely imperceptible multi-coloured reflects (it doesn't look frosted or glittery however).  You can see the different dimensions in the bottle above.

... this time with flash

It's hard to capture this but when I take a picture with flash, you can see the reflects and the gold coming through a little more obviously.

This is a lovely one - especially if you like an eyeliner but are not mad about black.  The tones are really not going to be terribly obvious, however, unless you've got very thick eyeliner and/or a very exaggerated flick, for example - a look I don't tend to go for very often, but sometimes it's fun!  I do recommend, as with all of the liners I have in this formula.  Actually, I only purchased it because I was travelling and forgot my eyeliner - I wanted to get the green one but they didn't have it.  So that one is still on my list :-)

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