9 Sept 2013

My empties - replace or displace?

what I've got around to using up...

My current empties... so what do I recommend and what am I happy to toss?  There are some surprises to report!

Well Shot Of
or at least, to be Displaced by "Something Else"...

Crème de la Mer - The Radiant Infusion
This is not technically a serum but I find it more than sufficient to the task (when used in tandem with the CDLM Moisturiser).  This gets mixed reviews but I personally have always loved it and found it to be a great product either as a lightweight serum or an additional step after toning.  I won't replace it as I am currently using (and loving - more on this to follow) the Chanel trio at the moment.  Look here if you're interesting in finding out more.

Estée Lauder - DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF15
This one I won't replace.  It's a really lightweight moisturiser and not bad as a summertime moisturiser, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend over a bunch of other, far less expensive, and better lightweight moisturisers (like this one) for the summertime.

Sephora - Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
This is not bad at all, I've recommended it in the past, but I prefer the Lancôme one and I really want to try out the Chanel one.  In addition, there's no Sephora here, so no, I won't re-purchase.  At least, not for now.

Crème de la Mer - The Toner
I categorically won't replace this one - it's far too alcohol-based for my skin.  I was disappointed with this to be honest; I'd expected far better from CDLM.

Elemis - Soothing Apricot Toner
(missing from the above line-up!)
This is a good product (more information here) but I prefer this Shu Uemura one, which I really like and will likely get instead.

To be replaced/repurchased...

Crème de la Mer - The Moisturising Cream
Definite replace.  I have been trialling a huge volume of other moisturiser products, especially more lightweight ones over the summer, but as we're facing into autumn/winter, and as my skin needs a really great moisturiser, I will replace this with another.  The 100ml version of this seems prohibitively expensive at €320-ish, but when you consider that it lasts just over a year with daily usage, it's not bad - and the bigger 100ml is far cheaper per ml than the 30ml, for example.  It's only available in the airport/duty free however, but this is a bonus as you get an additional 20% off what would be the retail price).  Look here for more CDLM info.

Nioxin - Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Hair Masque
Categorically will definitely absolutely replace!  I have tried a number of hair masques but none come close to this one.  It leaves my poor old distressed hair like liquid silk and adds a lovely shine.  I love it.

Chanel - Vitalumière Aqua Compact Foundation
(missing from the above line-up!)
This one isn't 100% used up yet - but it will be in another couple of days.  Most certainly yes, hell yes, definitely yes, no two ways about it, yes, I will replace this one - it is an amazing foundation; it gives a beautiful finish and is my go-to travel foundation for convenience, appearance, lastability... I have quite a few foundations but I think that this one is likely my all-time favourite.

Elemis - Lime & Ginger Hand & Body Wash
Yep, replace, love love love this stuff.  It's on a standard buy-one-when-I'm-nearly-at-the-end rotation.  It's not cheap for a hand wash but I love the scent - it's a warming, comforting, spicy-citrus mix and smells delicious.  It comes with a matching hand cream which is similarly beautifully scented and leaves the skin really soft.  In fact, I have given this duo to a lot of my friends as a housewarming gift when they move house, as they all love it too!

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