11 Sept 2013

So long, summer face :-(

Summer makeup featured a lot of these...

Now that we're facing into the Autumn, I'm looking back on the summer and realising that, much as I love makeup, and the fun you can have with it, I really do wear hardly any of it in the heat - or at least as little as I can be bothered with/get away with.

But I ain't getting any younger and need some level of coverage for (a) decency (b) professionalism in my work situation.  So what did I actually bother with, then?

Very little, but it included the following handful of items:


Chanel CC Cream & SPF

Not if I could avoid it!  My Chanel CC Cream of late, but only at weekends really.  However I did wear my Factor 50 every day...


MAC Select MoistureCover & Tarte Dark Circle Defense

In lieu of foundation, a tiny bit of MAC Select Moisturecover in NC20-25-30* to cover my red areas and in NW20-25* (and occasionally, Tarte Dark Circle Defense in Light-Medium) to cover any of my dark circles (*depending on whether I had a tan or not!)


Cosmetics à la Carte Brow Ink pens

I've reviewed these lovelies before here.  I can't really go anywhere without filling-in my eyebrows, and these create a beautiful, simple, natural looking brow.


Make Up For Dolls Red lipstick (courtesy of Cosmetics à la Carte)

It was mainly too hot out to be bothered with lipstick really.  I wore my own red lipstick quite a bit for nights out, other than that, just my CDLM lip balm and that was it.


My all-time favourite mascara, ever
... and occasionally, these :-)

As eye-dressing, rarely little more than mascara, or sometimes mascara and a flick (usually using this).  Or occasionally a kohl pencil smudged at my lash line, or one of the new LE Chanel ones (look here and here) on my lid if I felt like a sparkle (in addition, these feel gorgeously cooling on application).  But that was it.

For everything else...

NARS Multiples
L -> R: Portofino, St. Barts, Copacabana, Laguna

I rediscovered my love for NARS multiples.  Oh how I have remembered how much I love these.  Quick as you like, although not really suitable for multiple use (I find them too oily for lids and too drying for lips), I have six or seven of these and have realised I've used the same four in rotation for pretty much the entire summer: Portofino, a gorgeous pink for my blusher, Laguna as my bronzer, Copacabana as my highlighter and St. Barts for a subtle summer-friendly contour.  I love the summery glowy finish that they give my skin.  Fast-forward a couple of weeks and these will definitely look ridiculously shiny, but in the sun (which we had this year!!!) they look great.

Brushes, techniques, time?  I'm sure my OH is dreading the return of the 20-minute face :-)  He has been spoiled by a 3-5 minute makeup regimen in the last three months.  As have I been spoiled by the total and utter lack of (personal) makeup brushes I needed to clean - mostly I was making do with a couple of dual fibre brushes and my fingers and nothing else...

Summer Face Makeup Brushes.  That's right - that's it!
And yes, they do need a clean.  It hasn't been all summer, either, before someone asks :-)

Although I do have some new brushes I'm looking forward to using (more on those soon!) and some new products (one lippie in particular) that I'm aching to find an excuse to use...

And my summer-time perfume?  The new Hugo Boss one.  I will certainly remember this summer as being great.  And thanks to an Indian summer in the UK and Italy at the moment, and some holidays to both, I'll get to eek out my summer makeup for just another couple of weeks before I have to make the switch over to Autumn Face Mode :-)

Seasons come and go, and for a change, we were blessed with fantastic weather in Ireland this year.  So much so, that I actually don't mind the diminished stretch in the evening, the already-chillier days, and the longer sleeves that are on the way...

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