13 Sept 2013

BBBBB: British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box - review (part II)

BBB Beauty Box Contents
Image Courtesy of BBB site

This review was kindly provided by MontyC, who has guest posted a number of times in the past.  Thanks MontyC!  It's quite a long review and this is the second part of two... look here for the first part.

Straight into more product reviews...

Trilogy Rose Oil

FIRST IMPRESSIONSI've always wanted to try this.
AFTER A FEW USESThis product enjoys cult status in the beauty world - given what I've read and seen online, it wouldn't surprise me if there were mini alters set up in bedrooms/bathrooms around the world to this product.  I'm a huge fan of face oils - I think they're fantastic.  They make a real difference to your skin (well they certainly do to mine!)  My "go-to" face oil has been Clarins Blue Orchid oil for dehydrated skin so when I saw the Trilogy Oil in box, I couldn't wait to start using it.  However, this is in the same category of the Melvita face spray.  I honestly don't know if I like it or not.  I like it but there's something about it I don't like and I haven't figured out yet what that is.  I'm going to keep using it but I can't see it tempting me away from my beloved Clarins oil.
UPDATENope - I gave it to the friend who also got the Melvita spray.  I remain devoted to my Clarins orchid oil.
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI haven't used this.  I do absolutely love Rose oil however so I am not deterred by MontyC's lack of huge interest and would like to try it out sometime.

Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser

FIRST IMPRESSIONSI'm sensing a pattern here, but I do like the smell of this!
AFTER A FEW USESI still really do like the smell of this.  This is such a lovely gentle cleanser.  If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and you've just discovered there's no coffee in the house, this cleanser would give you a gentle hug to make you feel better instead.  It won't take your makeup off but then again, that's not its purpose - leave that to your oil/balm makeup removers.  This little gem is a bottle full of fluffy loveliness that will gently cleanse your skin and make you smile.  Do you need this cleanser?  Nope, but it's lovely to have and it's lovely to use.
UPDATEI have used up the sample that came in the box and loved it.  Not a must-have but a nice-to-have.
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI've used a few philosophy bits and pieces and I've recently posted about the at home microdermabrasion kit which I love.  I haven't used this cleanser, and I'm unlikely to, I already have my "morning cleaner" routine down pat.

Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance

FIRST IMPRESSIONSCool - something by Jo Malone!
AFTER A FEW USESThere's something so chic about Jo Malone's stuff.  Not just the smell of it but the look of it too.  But boy is it expensive.  One Christmas I decided that I would get one of her bucket candles for our bathroom, I found one I loved and then promptly choked when I saw its price.  So I was delighted when I spotted this fragrance in the beauty box!  I think I like the smell but perfume is very personal thing and all I can recommend here is that you try it and see for yourself.  One thing I will say is that it's different to what she normally does and in a good way too.
UPDATEThis doesn't suit me but again perfume is a very personal thing and what doesn't work for one person, smells amazing on someone else.  Am glad I got to try it out though.
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI haven't used this.  I have personally to find anything from Jo Malone that I like.  Sorry, but that's just me - I find all of the scent ranges just far too cloying for my liking, but then again I'm personally very hit-an-miss with scents, so I'd take that with a pinch of salt...

BioEffect Serum

FIRST IMPRESSIONSNot sure about this one, let's take a punt on it. 
AFTER A FEW USESThis is good.  If it weren't for BBB, I would never have heard of BioEffect.  It looks more like an oil than a serum - but boy, what a serum it is.  It's really really good.  You only need a few drops (I used it at night) on clean skin and it sinks in easily.  The results can be seen straight away.  The overall look and texture of my skin was visibly improved and I noticed it from the first night I used it.  I'm really impressed by this little bottle of goodness. It was one of the first products from the box that used up.  This stuff works and I will be buying the full size version.
UPDATEMajor Love.  Will replace.
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI have used this;  I had a full size that I made my way through.  Strangely, I disagree completely with MontyC on this one!  I found that it didn't make the blindest bit of a difference to my skin, whatsoever.  On the other hand, a lot of people swear by it and find it works really well.  Just not for me.

Bourjois Cream Blush:

AFTER A FEW USESBourjois are a great brand, that makes great products for a great price.  They're always worth checking out because you're always going to find something you like.  This blush is no exception.  It's gorgeous.  The colour that came in my box was No. 1 and it's a really pretty (and wearable) soft coral colour.  The texture of it is so beautifully creamy that it makes application idiot-proof.  Seriously.  You could put this on in the dark and it would still look good.  If you're new to cream blushes, then this one by Bourjois is a great place to start.
UPDATEI actually ended up giving this away.  The only reason I did is simply because the colour I got just didn't suit me (cooler tones suit me better).  If the colour had worked for me, it wouldn't have been donated!
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI haven't used Bourjois cream blush yet, but I do like cream blush in general.  Must give it a whirl...

CND Solaroil

FIRST IMPRESSIONSI think I could do with something like this.
AFTER A FEW USESbadly needed something like this.  I have the worst nails in the Northern Hemisphere.  I can't prove it but I'm pretty confident I'd be up there.  My nails are brittle and soft and break easily, so anything that can toughen them up is always welcome.  This is a little gem of a product.  I've tried to be good and use it every night but I have forgotten to do so on a few occasions - but overall, I really like it.  Has it made a difference to my nails?  Yes, I think has.  I also think my nail varnishes goes on smoother.  I will definitely buy the full size of this one.  All I have to do is to remember to keep using it.
UPDATEThis is really lovely (when I remember to use it)
EDITOR'S COMMENTSI haven't used this.  But now I'm bloody well going to head out and get some... sounds brilliant - I have dry, brittle, flaky nails that chip and break if you look crooked at 'em.  So this sounds like a good idea... Must. Get.

Overall, this was a great beauty box to receive and play with, very well thought out and put together, very personally assembled with great attention to what BBB herself loves.  Look here for some more information on this beauty box.  I believe that BBB is planning to bring out another one of these for Christmas, and I imagine that I will be subscribing again :-)

Editor's Note
Thanks again to MontyC for this review.  I have purchased a lot of beauty boxes in the past, and stopped when I realised the slightly unethical practices behind a lot of them - but the Christmas BBB one sounds great!

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