16 Aug 2013

Chanel Autumn 2013 Superstition Collection

Chanel Autumn 2013 Superstition Collection campaign visual

This one is launching on 16th August - that's today, yikes!!!!  I'm a bit late with this post... Oh well, let's soldier on :-)

This collection is another Autumn collection to feature a mix of bronze, taupe and khaki - Chanel takes these colours and mixes in some interesting greys and lifts the whole shebang with intense pinks and burgundies too... I'm still not over my burgundy thing from last year...


Chanel Le Blush Crème Présage & Révélation

Featuring the one everyone's been waiting for: Le Blush Crème de Chanel, Chanel's newest product, a cream blush, which will feature in six shades designed to match the lipstick shades also released in this collection.  These will be €34 and are:
  • Destiny - intense beige
  • Présage - apricot (as above)
  • Révélation - coral pink (as above)
  • Inspiration - soft bluish pink
  • Affinité - intense bluish pink
  • Fantastic - burgundy
As far as I'm aware all will be permanent except Fantastic, which will be LE.

With the excitement of an entirely new formula for Chanel blusher, an apparently quieter nod goes to the two Le Joues Contraste (powder) blusher shades in Tumulte & Malice, at €37.50.  I don't have PR images for these, but I'll attempt to swatch 'em on-counter and report back soon...


Chanel Rouge Coco Mystique
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Esprit

There are two new Rouge Coco and four new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks (all €30.50), and matchy-matchy-ing-up with the cream blushers as follows:
  • Golden beige duo: Rouge Coco Icône and Destiny
  • Apricot duo: Rouge Coco Mystique (as above) and Présage (as above)
  • Coral pink duo: Rouge Coco Shine Secret and Révélation (as above)
  • Soft blush pink duo: Rouge Coco Shine Instinct (LE) and Inspiration
  • Intense blush pink duo: Rouge Coco Shine Rendez-vous and Affinité
  • Burgundy duo: Rouge Coco Shine Esprit (as above) and Fantastic (LE)
All but Instinct (which will be LE) are new/permanent shades.


A LE quad, a new eyeliner, two LE single eyeshadows and (quiet squeeeeeeeeeeeal) an LE mascara are joining the collection.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Mystère

The LE quad, Le 4 Ombres, called Mystère will be released at €47.50 and will feature shades in khaki, golden khaki, silvery taupe and golden ivory.  I'm all for olive, khaki and coffee type shades and although I'm not usually a quad fan, this one looks like my cup of tea (ignoring the mixed metaphors and the fact that I don't drink tea).

One of the items from this collection that I'm interested in comes up next - the two new (LE) Ombre Essential shades of
  • Hasard - light lavender
  • Gri-Gri - metallic taupe shimmer
are also due as part of this collection - I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Gri-Gri, so I'm definitely taking a gander at this one.

A new Stylo Yeux liner shade, Khaki Précieux (€23) also features - this is a khaki with bronze shimmer.  As mentioned, I am somewhat obsessed with khaki and olive shades, so I'll take a look at it at least...

... especially as it should team nicely with the new (also LE) Le Volume de Chanel mascara in - wait for it - a khaki bronze shade.  These two were clearly designed to complement each other.  I know it is not cheap at €30 but if ever a mascara had my name written all over it, it is this one!  I can't wait to see it...

The Nails

Chanel Le Vernis Alchimie & Élixir

At €22.50, Chanel's nail polish shades never cease to interest and this collection is no different, featuring three new shades:
  • #589 Élixir - a seeming bubblegum pink with a slightly milky grey overtone (as above)
  • #591 Alchemie - khaki and gold (as above)
  • #601 Mysterious - a khaki mixed with charcoal grey

Alchemie will be LE, the other two are new shades.   I think the campaign visual (top) features Mysterious and it looks gorgeous.  Chanel's nail polishes notoriously look nothing like the PR images, and frequently very different to what they appear like in the bottle, so am looking forward to trying them out on-counter.

The Colour Palette

Me... Me... Me...

I want that new mascara;  I have a lot of similarly coloured eyeliners, so I will take a look but the mascara Will.Be.Mine.  I want to look at Gri-Gri, Alchemie and Mysterious.  The cream blushers I most certainly will swatch, if not purchase (I have rather a lot of cream products in a wide range of shades at home already).... but that mascara now... hmmmmmmmmm....

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