16 Sept 2013

Suqqu Cheek Brush - review

so much fuss over such a little thing...

Imagine some barely contained, inside-voice squealing, to accompany this post.  And some general sighing.  And another squeal or two for good measure...

This brush is... wow.  Amazing.  Stunning.  Fabulous.  Gorgeous...

... and that's even before I get to the adjectives and superlatives.

It really is a thing of beauty - the single most beautiful brush I have in my entire kit of personal brushes.  Here are some other blush-type brushes for comparison purposes:

Some comparison brushes L -> R: MAC 159, Japonesque 234, MAC 165, Illamasqua Blush brush, Chanel #4, MAC 116, MAC 109, Hakuho Yachiyo Medium Pointed brush, Suqqu Cheek brush
same comparison brushes as above

I've been lusting after these brushes for some time, and every time I'm in London, I march into Selfridges, and after a lot of moseying around at all the various makeup/skincare/nails concessions, I usually make my way to the Suqqu stand, drool a little over the Suqqu brushes and how amazingly utterly silky soft these babies are, grope them for a while, and then move on, before being evicted.

This time around, I decided to stop pawing them and just buy one, and be done with it.

It's actually quite a small brush, but... oh boy is it soooooooooooft (there really should be some hushed whoooshy sound effects in the background to this post.  Imagine them, if you will).  Oh boy does it really apply blusher so beautifully - a gentle sweep and you've got that barely-there blusher look.  It's so soft, that I think it doesn't move as much as a hair on your face - so you're not muddying product over and back and over again, and exfoliating your skin into the bargain.  You don't even feel it - it's like a baby's breath on your skin.  I have never felt anything as luxuriously silky soft in my life.  In fact, I partly don't like using it, because I am usually in a huge hurry in the mornings, and I find myself slumped in my makeup chair, molesting this brush for five minutes when I pick it up to use it (as I did while I was writing this review - it's impossible to not just keep touching it).

In terms of washing it?  The SA in Selfridges advised shampoo but not very often - according to her (a very stylish Italian lady who, if I didn't know otherwise, is the long-lost twin sister of another extremely stylish Italian friend of mine), the bristles are so soft and silky that product doesn't tend to deposit on them.

Made from grey squirrel I believe and at around €103 (when converted back into "Irish" from sterling), this is oh so excruciatingly ridiculously not cheap, it's not funny.  I only mention the price because I know I'll be asked.  I'm not boasting.  I'm actually embarrassed to admit its price, and the fact that I have it (until I use it, and then the embarrassment fades for a few minutes).  I'm considering now including this in my house insurance (well, not really, but...).  I'm also wishing fervently I had more of these, and wondering what body parts would fetch a good price.  Incidentally, Selfridges I believe, now deliver to Ireland (see here for this brush, if you're tempted).  I know, I know, I'm such an enabler.

Some more comparisons (size/shape only - nothing comes close in terms of softness!)

T -> B: Suqqu Cheek Brush, MAC 116
T -> B: Suqqu Cheek Brush, Chanel #4

T -> B: Suqqu Cheek Brush, Hakuhodo Yachiyo Medium Pointed brush

- this brush actually makes my beloved super-soft Hakuhodo brush feel like I'm dragging a cheap, drug-store brush across my face.  Oh, this is not good...

Look here for more info.  I'm still pawing at it, and wanting to get the powder brush next, but at nearly twice the price, I think, safe to say at least for now, forgetaboutit... One day :-)

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