26 Jun 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rose Baby Doll Eyeliner

YSL Rose Baby Doll Eyeliner

*sighs*.  I'm in looooooooove with this colour (watch out for a coral-based trend post in the next few days).

Look! Pinks! Golds! Red! A flash of coral! Yummmmmy...

This is a droooooooolsome colour; a metallic finish liquid liner with gold and hot pink and red and coral...

mish-mash of tones, shades and undertones

... it's like MAC Pigment in Rose and L'Oréal Color Infallible Eye Shadow in Magnetic Coral got together and had a party - it's like a foiled version of these to, mixed, minus the sparkles.  It's gorgeous.  I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it...

me, wearing it non-stop ;-)

Incidentally, this photo also features the latest Chanel mascara in Lime Light (see here for review), the essence brow mascara in my piece of land (see here for review) and the Illamasqua Precision Inks in Glister, Scribe and Havoc (see here for review).

In terms of pigmentation - it's extremely pigmented.  In terms of application - easy peasy; it has a very fine brush applicator which allows for very fine lines if required.  In terms of wearability/lastability - no problems there, no flaking or fading, it lasts all day and then some, and doesn't seem to react negatively to wet/water/rain.  Only complaints?  It's extremely liquid, so it does need a steady hand and a bit of practice.  But if you're used to liquid liners and you fancy something a bit different, this is a definite, absolute, recommend.  Assuming you can still get your mitts on one - I have a feeling that they may have sold out of these in some retail outlets already.


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