27 May 2013

Chanel Summer 2013 Makeup - L’Ete Papillon De Chanel

L'Eté Papillon de Chanel - campaign visual

A bit later than planned with this one!

Taking inspiration from butterfly wings and bright summery colour-blocking shades, Chanel's summer collection for 2013 is entirely limited edition and Big on vibrant colour!  I almost feel that I should insert some animated fireworks into the post, but I won't, I'll let the images speak for themselves...


L -> R: Zest, Lime Light, Aqua Blue, Blue Note, Noir

In a nod to the burgeoning trend of 80's makeup, four new and LE coloured Inimitable Waterproof mascaras are released, together with a re-promote of Black/Noir (permanent):
  • Aqua Blue (a light turquose blue)
  • Blue Note (a slightly muted almost-royal blue
  • Lime Light (an almost-but-not-quite-aquatic green)
  • Zest (a burnt golden yellow shade).

Retailing at €30, these are fantastically bright colours and not for the faint-hearted, but I personally love coloured mascara and also the Inimitable mascara formulation, so I am most certainly excited about trying these ones out.

Fantastical brilliant colour blocking shades

L -> R: Cool Gold, Pink Lagoon, Jade Shade, Blue Bay, Moon River, Black Stream
The collection also features six new formulation (am also a little bit excited about this one!) eye crayons called Stylo Eyeshadows in beautiful summer shades to complement the butterfly theme.  This long-lasting water-based formulation can be used for eyeshadow or eyeliners, will have an almost wet-effect finish, and can be sheered-out for a hint of colour or built up to deliver a more intense colour block.

From what I can make out of the PR release, the shades will be as follows:
  • Cool Gold (yellow-based gold)
  • Pink Lagoon (cool toned metallic coral pink)
  • Jade Shore (green with golden pearl)
  • Blue Bay (almost royal blue with silver reflects)
  • Moon River (platinum shot through with metallic taupe)
  • Black Stream (black with silver reflects)

These are all LE and will retail at €28.

Finally a new (LE) Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in True Blue (to complement the blues and greens in the collection) will also feature and retail at €23.


L -> R
Zéphyr, Envolée, Eden, Idylle, Pygmalion

The eyes and nails have it for this collection, and lips are deliberately down-played in raspberry and peach shades.  There will be three new Lèvres Scintillante lipglosses (€26) in
  • Envolée (mandarin with gold and silver reflects)
  • Zéphyr (pearl effect beige)
  • Eden (Raspberry)

and two new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks (€30.50) in
  • Idylle (Peach)
  • Pygmalion (Raspberry)

Again, all will be LE.


Le Vernis - Lilis
Le Vernis - Azuré
Le Vernis - Bel Argus

L -> R: Lilis, Azuré, Bel Argus

The collection features three new Le Vernis in
  • 647/Lilis (a creamy coral-tomato red), nicely off-setting the blues, greens and yellow golds of the rest of the collection
  • 657/Azuré (an iridescent metallic almost-teal green, darkened with blue)
  • 667/Bel Argus (iridescent shimmery royal blue)

All are LE and will cost €22.50.

Launching 31st May, the following shade card shows just how vibrant and bold the colours will be - it's not a typical golden/bronzed summer release and I'm looking forward to trying some of these shades out in the flesh - in particular the Stylo Eyeshadows and the mascaras.

L'Eté Papillon de Chanel - shade card

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