12 Apr 2013


It's been a funny old week.  I have had a hectic time and although I'm genuinely inundated with releases for which to produce content, I am also genuinely lacking in the time to do it!  At the weekend I plan to spend some proper time with this machine of mine and get cranking...

For now, I wanted to recap on some of my older posts, in case some newer readers haven't seen 'em yet!

Putting it on... Where to buy cheap (and less so) brushes, how to care for them, and a general search on all things brush-related I've ever written about.

And now that you've got it on, how do you Make it Last?  Budge-proofing your makeup, getting the most out of your manicure, fixing broken nails, and prolonging the life of your products.

and then... Taking it offEye makeup removers (the good and the downright awful), recommended makeup removers/cleansers and my favourite skin-care products (a) expensive and (b) inexpensive.

The all-time basics... so you'll never waste money ever again!  Selecting a foundation for your skin type/tone, selecting under eye concealer, how to know what colour corrector to use, and the best under eye concealers ever, bar none.

For the season that's in it - I call it silly season, but with my tongue firmly in my cheek... it's a very exciting time for a lot of people who are on a countdown to one of the biggest days of their lives - so how do you do Bridal Makeup anyhow?

And on to something completely different!  The weird and wonderful Berber lipstick.

And, because, you know, why not... some Blatant Self-Promotion :-)  Look here for information on the fabulous Bootcamp class, and here for the latest round of Freebie/Giveaways/Competitions!

And finally, some Random Misc Tips.

That's it for today - I need to go and have a sit down and a seriously long and large glass of vino.  I haven't stopped since this time two weeks ago and I'm frankly exhausted, but I hope there's something in there that you will enjoy reading :-)  Next week, back to (hopefully) full energy levels and lots more blogs - more info on the upcoming Chanel and Illamasqua releases, some reviews and the most exciting review of all - on my Very Own Make Up For Dolls Lipstick!!!  Hope you all have great weekends!

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