15 Apr 2013

Inglot Colour Play Lipsticks, Kohl Eyeliner Pencil, Addicts Fanbase and Bloggers Event...

Last Wednesday I attended the Inglot Blanchardstown VIP event to celebrate the launch of Ingot's new "Inglot Addics" fan database, together with their new Colour Play Lipsticks and Kohl Eyeliner Pencil.  

The launch included a makeup demonstration, featuring the new lipsticks and nicely thought-out goodie bags, as well as Inglot's generous 20% discount available to all on the night.

Inglot Addict Fanbase

This is a database Inglot have just released, aimed at all MUA's, bloggers, Inglot fans and anyone who considers themselves a "makeup junkie".  Sign-up is available online here and those registered will receive Inglot product info via newsletters and Inglot Ireland’s Website, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube sites, allowing VIP access to competitions, discount events and masterclasses.  It's a nice idea, and I personally like that it's inclusive of bloggers as well as MUA's, who rarely qualify for brand discounts.

Colour Play Lipsticks

Inglot Colour Play Lipsticks - PR Image

The Colour Play Lipsticks have launched as of last Thursday 11th April. 

Inglot Colour Play Lipsticks - In the flesh

There are ten new shades of Colour Play lipsticks (#91 - #100), like all Inglot Freedom System, these can be purchased seperately in individual square pans (for €6 each) and popped into the Freedom System Palettes (which range in size from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 squares - priced from €18 to €68).

As you can see, the colours are a bit mad and a lot of fun!  Swatches follow:

Inglot Colour Play Lipsticks - swatched

The pigmentation for all of these was amazing; each showed-up as good swatched (one swipe each above, with two for the white) as they did in the pan.  They felt nice and creamy, and dried-down somewhat after some time (not to the same extent as OCC Lip Tars, for example).  These are designed for long-wear and as you can see, two hours later, after a very hard scrub with a tissue, there's still quite a lot left...

Inglot Colour Play Lipsticks - two hours later

I can't see all of the colours being of interest to a lot of people, MUA's and those who enjoy more interesting colours on the lips might be more interested in the greens, blue, yellow, white... but they certainly are vibrant and a lot of fun.

Peanut M&Ms :-)

Do the lippies remind you of anything?  They set me in mind of Peanut M&M's almost immediately - funny, as I then discovered bowls of these littered around the shop :-)

Kohl Pencil

New Kohl Pencil in 01/Black

Inglot have also released a really excellent Kohl pencil at only €12.  This claims to be a long lasting and water resistant eyeliner and it most certainly is extremely black-as-the-ace-of-spades-black.  Interesting one, this.  This kohl liner contains active ingredients which moisturise and regenerate the skin, making it perfect for the waterline.

Very very black... nice

As you can see from the swatch, gray or patchy this most certainly ain't.  It didn't pull or drag.  Most certainly going to try this one out.

Makeup Demo

Unfortunately, a prior engagement meant I didn't have time to stay for the demo, although I know from past events that these tend to be very technically good.  I did manage to chat up some of the Inglot ladies and persuaded them to share with me the face chart, which is as follows:

Inglot Face Chart for Colour Play Lipstick & Kohl liner launch

The makeup was going to be very simple, featuring heavily kohl'd eyes over a slightly bronzed and contoured base and an ombré lip featuring the blue and green Colour Play lipsticks.  Pity I didn't get to see it in the flesh.  Next time!

As always, it was a nice evening, and I managed to say hi to quite a few fellow bloggers before having to hit the road.  And as always, Inglot kindly supplied us with goodie bags on the night, containing a lipstick and a nail polish - I must swatch and review these when I get half a chance.

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