25 Apr 2013

Sleek Magnitude Mascara Review

Sleek Magnitude Mascara

This stuff is a.mazing.  And it costs €6.  Six quid!  It's a two-step mascara designed to lengthen and voluminise lashes.  And boy does it.

Lashes before, no mascara, nada, almost non-existent...
Artistic :-p side-on shot of the white primer.  Look how long!!!

The first of the two steps, the white primer, is particularly good.  Previously I'd only ever used the Smashbox equivalent and while it's ok, it's nothing compared to the Sleek one.  In fact the white primer is usable on its own as a white mascara if you need such a thing.  And boy does it lengthen.  The only con is that it is quite wet and takes a few minutes to dry before you can add the black mascara on top.  It's also likely to need a quick comb-through as it's so wet, it can blob a little at the roots.  No rushing around with this one, it's not one for the 6am-rushing-out-the-door-starts then for me.

+ primer + mascara, combed through

On top of the white primer, the black mascara most certainly creates volume.  Again, it's quite a wet mascara, and care is needed to avoid clumping - and you definitely need to factor-in drying time to avoid it transferring.

The black mascara, used on its own

The black side, used on its own (ie foregoing the primer) is still a good mascara, providing reasonably decent volume, so you don't need to use the primer.  Either way, if you use the primer, I would also advise that you remember to coat your lashes from both topside and underneath with the black mascara afterwards, or you'll wind up with a two-tone lash-look.  Apropos given the SS'13 monochrome trend perhaps, but strange looking unless you're aiming for zebra-looking lashes :-)

It doesn't curl much, but two out of the mascara holy trinity ain't bad.  It comes in a black, waterproof black, and a darkened navy.

Sleek claims that this is "an innovative two step mascara that gives the illusion of false lashes" and it certainly does that - my lashes look huge when wearing this stuff.  It does take a bit of effort to remove with a decent eye makeup remover but what of it.  I will most certainly repurchase when I've used it up.  Highly recommended.

Look here for more info.


  1. This sounds great, it kills me buying mascaras for €36 when you can only keep the 6 months, ill definitely be looking into this.

    1. I keep mine for a year. Feck that. But my kit ones get dumped after 6 months ok... a) I only use mine on myself and b) I don't pump the applicator and c) I actually sterilise it before I return it each time... it is a little investment in 10 extra seconds each use, but I have had no problems with mascara using this trick :-)

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