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30 Apr 2013

essence trend edition for summer 2013: guerilla gardening

Guerilla Gardening is essence's summer trend-based makeup collection release, featuring botanical shades of both bright and dark green, earthy browns, bright pinks and intensive reds.

The collection features
  • Two Lip Creams
  • Four nail polish shades
  • Two nail effects powder shades
  • A nail effects brush
  • Three LE eyeshadow shades
  • Two eyebrow mascaras
  • Two cream-to-powder blushes

Lip Creams
T - > B: floral glam, mission flower
The lip creams are, in keeping with much of the collection, a matte finish.  01 mission flower is an almost fuchsia pink, while 02 floral glam is an intense coral-tomato red.  These retail at the tiny sum of only €2.49!

Nail Polish
L - > R: floral glam, mission flower, plant the planet, I'm the moss
The nail polishes (all €2.29) include 01 I'm the moss (a medium-dark grass green), 02 plant the planet (an acid-bright lemon-yellow-green) and two others - a pink (03 mission flower) and a red shade (04 floral glam) which match the new lip creams.

Nail Effects & Brush
L - > R: mission flower, I'm the moss

Every collection needs a cornerstone item - one item that stands out, and the jewel of this collection is the nail art velvet powder, which gives a strange moss-like look to the nails.  I'm not 100% convinced of the furry/textured nail finish, but at €2.49 it's worth a shot!  It comes in two shades; 01 I'm the moss and 02 mission flower (to match the other dark green and pink items from the collection).

Nail art fan brush

The nail art brush is a small fan brush, used for sweeping the nail effects powder onto the nails.  At €2.49 it's a good purchase (and is worth investigating as a possible dupe for this brush).


L - > R: my piece of land, plant the planet, garden up!
I love essence's eyeshadows for their pigmentation and three new LE eyeshadows join essence's shade lineup - 01 garden up! is an earthy brown, 02 my piece of land is a light asphalt-grey, and 03 plant the planet is a fresh yellow-based green, matching the nailpolish of the same name.  These are €2.29 each.  I personally like the look of my piece of land and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh (I'm always on the look-out for neutral/base shades).

Brow Mascara
T - > B: garden girls, my piece of land
The new brow mascara has a gel-based texture and helps keep unruly eyebrows in shape.  At €2.49, it comes in two shades; a lighter shade for blondes (01 garden girls) and a darker version for brunettes (02 my piece of land).

Cream to Powder Blush

L - > R: mission flower, floral glam
Again, these shades are designed to match the nail polish and lip creams of the same names - a pink (01 mission flower) and a red (02 floral glam).  These retain for €2.49 and are an easy-to-use cream product that dries to an almost-matte powdered finish.
The collection is available from the end of May in Dunnes, Penneys and selected pharmacies.


  1. ooh id like to try the brown mascaras! Look nice!


  2. Love the look of this collection!

  3. Does look nice, doesn't it - really bright and vibrant and summery!

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