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30 Apr 2013

essence trend edition for summer 2013: guerilla gardening

Guerilla Gardening is essence's summer trend-based makeup collection release, featuring botanical shades of both bright and dark green, earthy browns, bright pinks and intensive reds.

The collection features
  • Two Lip Creams
  • Four nail polish shades
  • Two nail effects powder shades
  • A nail effects brush
  • Three LE eyeshadow shades
  • Two eyebrow mascaras
  • Two cream-to-powder blushes

Lip Creams
T - > B: floral glam, mission flower
The lip creams are, in keeping with much of the collection, a matte finish.  01 mission flower is an almost fuchsia pink, while 02 floral glam is an intense coral-tomato red.  These retail at the tiny sum of only €2.49!

Nail Polish
L - > R: floral glam, mission flower, plant the planet, I'm the moss
The nail polishes (all €2.29) include 01 I'm the moss (a medium-dark grass green), 02 plant the planet (an acid-bright lemon-yellow-green) and two others - a pink (03 mission flower) and a red shade (04 floral glam) which match the new lip creams.

Nail Effects & Brush
L - > R: mission flower, I'm the moss

Every collection needs a cornerstone item - one item that stands out, and the jewel of this collection is the nail art velvet powder, which gives a strange moss-like look to the nails.  I'm not 100% convinced of the furry/textured nail finish, but at €2.49 it's worth a shot!  It comes in two shades; 01 I'm the moss and 02 mission flower (to match the other dark green and pink items from the collection).

Nail art fan brush

The nail art brush is a small fan brush, used for sweeping the nail effects powder onto the nails.  At €2.49 it's a good purchase (and is worth investigating as a possible dupe for this brush).


L - > R: my piece of land, plant the planet, garden up!
I love essence's eyeshadows for their pigmentation and three new LE eyeshadows join essence's shade lineup - 01 garden up! is an earthy brown, 02 my piece of land is a light asphalt-grey, and 03 plant the planet is a fresh yellow-based green, matching the nailpolish of the same name.  These are €2.29 each.  I personally like the look of my piece of land and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh (I'm always on the look-out for neutral/base shades).

Brow Mascara
T - > B: garden girls, my piece of land
The new brow mascara has a gel-based texture and helps keep unruly eyebrows in shape.  At €2.49, it comes in two shades; a lighter shade for blondes (01 garden girls) and a darker version for brunettes (02 my piece of land).

Cream to Powder Blush

L - > R: mission flower, floral glam
Again, these shades are designed to match the nail polish and lip creams of the same names - a pink (01 mission flower) and a red (02 floral glam).  These retain for €2.49 and are an easy-to-use cream product that dries to an almost-matte powdered finish.
The collection is available from the end of May in Dunnes, Penneys and selected pharmacies.


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