8 Apr 2013

Chanel Sublimage La Crème Yeux Eye Cream

On purchasing a raft of Chanel items post-Christmas, I received a number of very generous samples of this from the Chanel SA in Brown Thomas.  I have been using it sporadically since.  Overall, me likey.

Chanel's latest & greatest anti-ageing eye cream

This is Chanel's latest and greatest eye cream, designed to erase the signs of ageing.  It claims to improve firmness, radiance, skin tone and hydration, reduce dark circles, remove puffiness and generally make the eyes look bright and awake.

More-or-less fragrence-free (a major plus in my book), Chanel claim this has a "sheer velvety texture which melts into the skin, offering a sensation of comfort and softness".  Hmmmm.  Ok, look - it's not sheer, it's quite a thick cream in fact.  It doesn't really "melt" into the skin, but it does massage in nicely with only a small amount of rubbing (as befits the under eye area).

In terms of a "comfortable and soft" sensation, sure - it feels soft.  It doesn't feel heavy or greasy under the eye, nor does it feel tight, nor does it have a tightening effect.  It moisturises nicely, which is good for more mature skin.

I don't in general suffer from puffiness so I can't attest to those claims, but I do have dark circles and this helps with them but certainly doesn't eliminate them (any more than any other product will).  It certainly has seemed to help keep fine lines and wrinkes at bay.

As with all eye products, roughly the size of a grain of rice is adequate for each eye area.

How does it compare with my beloved CDLM eye cream?  It's just as good, and is more or less the same price range (around €150).

Look here for more info on Chanel's Sublimage La Crème Yeux Eye Cream and compare with Chanel's Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream (review here).


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