11 Apr 2013

Chanel Sublimage le Fluide to launch 26th April

Chanel Sublimage Le Fluide

The latest addition to the Chanel Sublimage range of skincare, Sublimage le Fluide, is set to launch on 26th April '13.

It is designed to give a glows to the complexion and smooth the skin's surface.  Apparently using this will define facial contours and give the face a sculpted appearance, fading wrinkles and fine lines. And all while comforting the face with a feeling that comes from within.

OK I've paraphrased that a tiny bit, and I have to say with my tongue firmly held in cheek here.  I am a big fan of the Chanel Sublimage range (see here for a review of the eye cream) but this is rhetoric gone a bit stir crazy, even allowing for some poetic French-being-translated-into-English marketing mash-up.

What I do know is that it is essentially the lightest in formulation/texture of the Sublimage range of facial moisturisers.  The next step up is La Crème Texture Fine, then the heaviest duty is La Crème Texture Suprême.  This one (Le Fluide) would make a good moisturiser for someone with older/aging skin which is combination/oily, or who already uses Sublimage La Crème in the wintertime, and wants a lighter, summertime skin care regimen.

What I do know is that it contains an extract of vanilla planifolia (from Madagascan green vanilla pods no less) and zinc Précisphères (TM) – which apparently together will act on all the signs of ageing and give the skin a perfect matte velvet-with-a-glow finish that lasts all day long, helping to combat the usual unwanted skin artefacts - wrinkles and fine lines, skin slackening, dullness, dehydration, dark spots...

What I do know is that that it's going to cost €224 for 50ml (ouch, ouch, ouch, but then again the Sublimage range is not cheap).  I'm not unused to spending a decent wedge of cash on good skincare however, and I know some people who swear by Chanel products, so if it works for you...

And what I do know is that it will be released on 26th April at all Chanel counters.

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