19 Apr 2013

New fragrances from Essence

Drugstore brand essence has released three brand new budget fragrances in April and these are available in-store (Dunnes and Penny's and pharmacies nationwide), together with the already popular first six fragrances by essence.  These will be available in two sizes, 50ml (€7.99) and a mini 10ml handbag-size (€3.49).

Like a rollercoaster ride
essence - like a rollercoaster ride 50ml
essence - like a rollercoaster ride handbag spray (10ml)

Floral, fresh and cheerful, this one sounds quite sweet, with apple & white peach top notes, vanilla, musk and sandlewood basenotes and a peony floral accord running through it.

Like a million miles away
essence - like a million miles away 50ml
essence - like a million miles away handbag spray (10ml)

Exotic, wild and daring, this one is more citrus-fruity-woody, with mango, mandarin and grapefruit top notes, and replacing the sandlewood in the base notes with cedar, while retaining the vanilla and musk.  Plum, rose and praline mid-tone notes run through the centre.

Like a jump in the pool
essence - like a jump in the pool 50ml
essence - like a jump in the pool handbag spray (10ml)

Cool, refreshing and invigorating, the top notes here are sharp and pointed, with green apple and pepper, softened with lemon balm.  Lily of the Valley, pink rose and green tea form the mid-notes and the base notes are also musk and vanilla, this time with a white cedar accord replacing the previous sandlewood/cedar.

For more information on these, and all essence products, look here.  Probably a little too sweet for my personal liking, but at these prices, I can definitely see them fitting with the teenage demographic looking for a fun summer fragrance at drugstore prices.  From my research, these are reasonably high in alcohol content, so I imagine the scent fading after a couple of hours wear, however at these prices, you can well afford to re-spritz liberally over the course of the day!


  1. Some of the scents are actually not too sweet, and smell kind of sophisticated which came as a surprise

  2. I cant wait to try these, going to pick one up this weekend!



  3. Oh, that's good to know Donna! I had planned to try them out this weekend, but now I have the flu, and can't smell anything, so...

    Hi Amy! I'd be interested to know what you think when you try one out!


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