3 Apr 2013

The most fabulous eyeliner ever: MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner (Black Line)

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners
The three I have T -> B: Petrol Blue, Black Swan, Black Line 

The MAC Pearlglide eyeliners came out originally in the Art Supplies Collection (as far as I recall) and were once LE but are now part of the permanent line.  I am in love with these liners.  They're soft, soft, soft.  There's no pulling, tugging, dragging, skipping or missing with these.  One swipe is enough to deposit quite a lot of these - there's no messing with several applications.  There's no having to warm them up prior to use.  They go on and set in place.  They last and last and last for ever and a day without fading.  All good things.

There are seven shades in the permanent line up:

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners - the shades are really not done justice on the MAC website
L -> R: Industrial, Lord It Up, Designer's Purple, Black Line, Undercurrent, Black Swan, Petrol Blue
  • Industrial (Periwinkle Grey)
  • Lord It Up (Bronze with Pearl) *1
  • Designer's Purple (Iridescent Violet - Violet with Pearl) *1
  • Black Line (Black with Gold Pearl)
  • Undercurrent (Teal with Pearl)
  • Black Swan (Black with Pearl) *1
  • Petrol Blue (Deep Navy with Pearl) *1

The ones marked *1 are currently also available in LE packaging (but the same product) under the Archie's Girls collection.

T -> B: Petrol Blue, Black Swan, Black Line

I have three of these - Black Swan, Black Line and Petrol Blue:

L -> R: Petrol Blue, Black Swan, Black Line

Petrol Blue is one of the few blue eyeliners that I can wear, with my colouring/eye colouring.  It's a gorgeous dark blue, think a very darkened, almost blackened, cobalt, shot through with an opalescent pearl to lift it.

Black Swan is the only liner I've ever used up completely, I love it that much.  It's an intense black, shot through with an almost blue-toned silver glitter.

But my absolute favourite eyeliner, of all time, is Black Line.  Purporting to be "Black with Gold Pearl" it looks like a blackened antique-golden olive-green shade.

Other similar liners L -> R: MAC Pearlglide/Black Line,  Avon Supershock/Khaki Shimmer (LE),
Smashbox/Antique Gold, Pixi Lid & Line/4-Smoky Olive, Stila SmudgeStick/Moray

Black Line is similar enough to a bunch of other liners I have, but the Pearlglide offering is much softer, much more pigmented, and much more long lasting, than any of the pretenders:

Comparison swatches L -> R: Stila SmudgeStick/Moray, Pixi Lid & Line/4-Smoky Olive,
Smashbox/Antique Gold,  Avon Supershock/Khaki Shimmer (LE), MAC Pearlglide/Black Line

It could be that I'm a little bit addicted to olive green shades :-)

The glittery Pearlglides (ie all but Periwinkle Grey) are not technically waterline-safe, but I wear them on my (upper and lower) waterline with no issues.  For contact lens wearers, or those with sensitive eyes, it's probably a good idea not to use them in the waterline however.

Highly recommended.  Plus, these are permanent, so you can get 'em - assuming they're in stock.  Makes a nice change, MAC!  Look here for more information.


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