29 Apr 2013

Clarins Splendours Eyeshadow & Liner Palette Review & Swatches

I promised a separate review of the eyeshadow and liner palette that features in the Clarins Splendours summer '13 makeup collection so here we go!

This is a gorgeous quad, full of gilted summer shades of gold-pink, bronzed-copper and champagne-gold and featuring two eyeliners which can be used either wet or dry.

Cute packaging!

What I liked about it

Back-of-arm swatches
L -> R: Copper, Pink Gold, Pale Gold, Powder Liner, Plum Liner

The shadows are really pigmented, super-smooth and apply easily.  Even on oilier lids (I had a willing guinea-pig for testing these out) there was no creasing after four hours - after that point a small amount of creasing and fading was evident, however this can be helped along for the oilier-lidded-ladies by use of a primer+powder on the lids beforehand.

The shades are also true to form; sometimes I find that these kind of lighter shimmery formula shades can look quite wishy-washy on the eyes, but not so with these.  The eyeshadows all have a gentle shimmer finish (not particularly frosted), with the Powder eyeliner having a satin finish, and the Plum eyeliner, a matte finish.

L -> R: Copper, Pink Gold, Pale Gold, Powder Liner, Plum Liner (dry), Plum Liner (wet)
ie - hardly any difference between wet/dry application of liner

In terms of the eyeliners, I tried these out wet and dry.  The only difference was that the wet application resulted in a sharper and smoother line as you'd expect); but in terms of opacity, they were not any particularly more intense used wet than they are used dry.

The Powder eyeliner (ie the dark brown shadow) worked fine as both a liner and an eyeshadow, however the darker Plum eyeliner was too patchy to use as an eyeshadow - but as a liner it was perfect.

Look here for more information on all of the beautiful products in this release.

Disclaimer: This post features makeup received as PR sample however my opinions are my own.  Many thanks to the lovely Emer for helping me out with this review!


  1. Love this palette, I definitely think the shadows are softer and creamier than the last collection

    1. Good to know - I hesitated to use terms like "buttery soft" etc (although that's what came to mind) as I kept thinking of your post about it LOL...


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