30 Jul 2014

Clarins Ladylike Autumn/Winter 2014 - preview

Clarins Ladylike Autumn/Winter campaign visual

Although I’m reticent to start touting All Things Autumn, and am very hesitant to mention anything that’s not all about Summer, Sun, Heat, Sunshine (we get so precious little of it here, I like to celebrate it and stretch out the concept of Summer as long as I can!), the nature of this business is that there’s always information about the “next season” coming out during the current one.  That’s fine – people want to know after all.  So here goes.  First of a few posts this week and next on Autumn/Winter collections - this one is the turn of Clarins.

I wanted specifically to post about Clarins because I think their Autumn collection is truly beautiful, elegant, ladylike, not at all boring.  In fact that’s the name of the collection, the Ladylike Collection.  It's all gorgeous muted Autumn shades, as you’d expect, but it’s lit up with some new products and formulations, and a completely new (and gorgeous) foundation (a separate review will follow on this one).

For starters, I am in deep smit over that campaign visual, how gorgeously polished is that?  I love slapdash (little or no, and when it’s there it’s minimal or fun) makeup for the summer, so perhaps the completely “put together-ness” of this is appealing to me.  I want to go and recreate this Right Away.


The eyes have it with six all-new cream-to-powder Ombre Matte eyeshadows in earthy shades of #01/Nude Beige, #02/Nude Pink, #03/Taupe, #04/Rosewood, #05/Sparkle Grey, #06/Earth.  Soft-focus pigments deliver a luminous matte finish.  These purport to be long-lasting - we shall see!  All but one are matte;  #05/Sparkle Grey has some iridescence added for when you want a bit of sparkle.  These will set you back €22 for 7g.

There's a new Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in the collection:  #13/Skin Tones.  This will cost you €41.

All these eyeshadows are lovely jubly, Clarins are now also introducing a new kid on the eyelid primer block; their Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base, to help provide a nice smooth base for application of eyeshadows.  10ml of this eyeshadow base for your lids will cost you €25.

Mascara, Eyebrows, Liner products also feature.  The collection features a re-promote of Be Long Mascara (#01/Intense Black, €26), along with a new Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette (€41), containing three powder eyebrow shades, a nude pink eyeshadow for illuminating under the brow or the inner tear duct area, and a transparent wax, together with a double-ended eyeshadow applicator, a brow/lash spoolie brush and a mini tweezers.  Last but not least, Clarins' Three Dot Liner (€25) makes an appearance in a (LE) shade of Brown.  I've posted about this invention before, it's a great device when you're learning liner!


Clarins take on this season celebrates matte, nude, beige, auburn,  There's no shimmer or sparkle, except for that single eyeshadow exception. That's not to say there's no light, the new True Radiance foundation provides lots and lots of illumination and glow, in a subtle, ladylike, polished, non-sparkledy way.

A new shade of Blush Prodige in Tawny Pink (€33) is joined with the wonderful Instant Light Brush-on Perfector (repromote, €29).  This is a fantastic brush-on illuminator.  Just remember to add it to your face and do very little with it - blending it away will diminish its lovely glowing result.


Five new shades of Clarins' Rouge Eclat (€23) in #16/Candy Rose, #17/Pink Magnolia, #18/Strawberry Sorbet, #19/Chestnut Brown and #20/Red Fuchsia (loooook at that red!) join Clarins existing Rouge Eclat lineup as permanent new shades.

These are due on-counter in early August - keep an eye out.  Imma definitely going to look at those new Ombre Matte eyeshadows, personally...

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