7 Jul 2014

The Hair Diaries - recap post

Weirdly, or strangely, or what have you, I've had a lot of questions and queries about hair lately.  Although it's not my forté, (a) I'm trained as a stylist for more basic upstyles, braids, blowdries and so on (because it makes sense to pair that, on rare occasion, with makeup) (b) I'm a complete product junkie and (c) I change my hair colour more often than is probably a terribly good idea, and I like experimenting with colour, hair pieces, wigs, chalking, clip-in highlights, fake plaits, faux fringes, and lots of other jeejaws... so I have more than a passing (unhealthy) interest in All Things Hair, and I write about hair products and processes as much as skincare and/or makeup...

Onwards, enough of my rambling, and let's take a look at recapping some of my hair posts in the last while...

Washing and conditioning

The leave-in/styling stuff I've tried

Curls, curls and more curls!

The best hairdryer I've ever used

  • I am never straying from this.  It comes everywhere with me.

The fun stuff

And aside from styling it, washing it, drying it, curling it and dying it, there's also hair removal!

  • Laser hair removal - a year on.
  • No matter what you do, don't use this stuff!

That's it - today's a recap one, back tomorrow with more previews and reviews :-)

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