22 Jul 2014

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder - review

The setting powder to end all setting powders... Vichy Dermablend (loose) Setting Powder is da bomb!

I have a manic week ahead of me with trials most evenings and bridals all weekend, a particularly mad busy one.  Which is great!  It does mean however that the blog needs short, pithy, quick-win posts.  When trying to think of something really good or something really bad I could write a quick post about, I remembered this.  It's truly amazing.

So let's get the comparisons out of way.  It's not a HD powder, even though it's white.  It is extremely finely milled, but it doesn't contain any silica; it's actually, strangely, 100% talc, but a hell of a lot more finely milled than your body talcum powder.  Yes, buffing it in is a good idea, but no, I haven't personally found it to flash back.  It appears translucent on the skin after application (I think you'll find it in other shades in other markets - in Ireland, we get just the white one).  It's €20 (actually, Boots.ie have it on sale at the moment for €15, just as a point of note) for 28g.  It ships with a puff, but I prefer to use this really just as a barrier to stop the powder emptying all over the place (my only niggle: would it kill them to have some kind of opening/closing device over the holes like, for example, mineral powders do?)

It doesn't settle into fine lines or wrinkles.  And the absolute best part: Vichy claim that this stuff extends your makeup usage by up to four hours I believe.  Vichy are right.  This really does act as a longevity barrier to the rest of your cosmetics, locking them in place.  If you're after a translucent, non-flashy-backy, non-scented, non-comodenic, workhorse. matte finish powder, this is it... if you want a more glowing finish or need a blurring/HD powder, this isn't what you're looking for, but I think I'll be using this one myself now daily from here on in.  Brilliant stuff.

Look here for more info.

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