16 Jul 2014

essence Road Trip Collection - preview

I do love essence for it's cutie-pie packaging, fun names, imaginative launches, and let's not forget the wonderfully inexpensive prices!  This summer's trend release is called Road Trip and the products behind the release are duo usage or mini products, smaller, handbag-sized versions just perfect for bringing with you on a short trip away, an overnight, an emergency stash in your car's glove compartment, whatever...

essence road trip – eyeshadow & eyeliner duos  €3.09

One side is a shimmering eyeshadow, the other is a creamy eyeliner:
  • 01 highway to pretty - champagne and green
  • 02 i don’t care!  i love it! - pink and burgundy

essence road trip – mini sheer lipstick  €2.49

Mini lipsticks with a medium coverage and a velvety finish:
  • 01 hit the road, red! - burgundy pink
  • 02 my sweet escape - baby pink

essence road trip – allround balm  €3.79

A multi-use balm for lips, hands, nails, elbows and feet - apply it on any dry areas of skin:
  • 01 young, wild, awesome

essence road trip – blush & highlighter  €4.09

Another duo, this time a rosy blush and beautiful shimmering highlighter
  • 01 highway to pretty! - xxx

essence road trip – nail polish   €2.29

Four different nail colours and nail effects in mini bottles.
  • 01 hit the road, red! - burgundy pink ("leather effect";  this looks a bit faux-leather in real life, but not a bad approximation)
  • 02 on the road again - beige ("asphalt effect";  this one is a gritty-looking textured finish, it contains non-sparkling glitter to give a rough and rugged finish - not my favourite)
  • 03 i don’t care! i love it! - blue ("gasoline effect";  this is a lovely blue-green with purple petrol/gasoline effect, love it)
  • 04 my sweet escape - pink ("thermo effect"; really this one is only going to work if you've got nails like talons, the warm polish is a darker shade and the cold polish is a lighter shade)

essence road trip – styling set  €4.99

This is actually really cute - theoretically everything you need, a small blush/powder/highlighter brush, a mini eyeshadow brush (a fluffy saddle brush, that could be used for application and blending), a mini angled liner brush (liner and brows) and a pair of slanted tweezers, all in a tiny zipper bag with an mirror
  • 01 adventure is out here
The brushes are actually quite decent for what they are.  I think this is the nicest piece in the collection.

essence road trip – deo wipes   €1.59

Mini-pack of deo-wipes.  Not really a lot to say about these.  The resealable pack contains fifteen wipes.
  • 01 let’s go get lost!

essence road trip – dry shampoo  €3.79

A small handbag-sized spray can of dry shampoo.  As with all dry shampoos, you simply spray it onto your roots to absorb oils when you're stuck somewhere and can't wash your hair, brush out and you’re done.
  • 01 got my ticket to ride?

essence road trip – travel bag  €4.09

Cute practical folding bag to store cosmetics, laundry, shoes, use as a shopping bag, whatever takes your fancy.
  • 01 I’m going to travel the world

This collection is available in pharmacies and Penney's stores from July - September 2014 (I've seen it out and about already).  Look here for more information (while still available).

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