26 Nov 2013

Bumble & Bumble Spray Chalk - review

Bumble & Bumble SprayChalk - cobalt, mint, lavender, blush

This was released in late September I believe - I got all four to try out, as I just love messing around with hair colours.  This is actually great stuff - it's a spray-in-wash-out hair colour, it's dead easy to use, you literally just spray it and go, simples!

Bumble & Bumble spraychalk in lavender

What I didn’t like:  it's not cheap - €20ish for each spray can.  The cans are quite small (40g) and I used pretty much most of the entire can on my hair (I have blonde(ish) hair and I ombré’d the ends with purple spray chalk).  On the other hand, if you wanted something different for one night, then €20 isn’t too bad to have a (genuinely) wash-in-wash-out look.

Bumble & Bumble spraychalk splodged all over the sink - but it washed away in seconds :-)

From a pros perspective, it sprays on simply and quickly - I just sprayed it over the sink.  It made a huge mess, but it literally washed away in seconds with water.  It doesn’t stain your clothes or your skin.  It does look quite cool, and it’s a great way of giving yourself the chalked hair look in seconds.  It's also an equal-opportunities hair colour - it can be used (works equally effectively) on light or dark hair.  Overall, so much easier, so much less hassle, so much faster than chalking, and so much less mess on hands, clothes, etc.

The cons?  The major one, aside from the cost and the (easy to clean) mess, it that it has that hairspray feeling, in that it definitely makes your hair a little bit schtuck together - although you can brush your hair out a bit (with only the loss of a little bit of the colour).  And of course there's the annoying fact that all of these are LE, so they're not available forever.

Bumble & Bumble spraychalk applied to the tips of my hair
- this took all of about two minutes only
(I went back over it to make it more even afterwards)

It lasted me two days and then washed out with no difficulties.

It was released in four pastel-ish shades:
  • Blush (pink)
  • Cobalt (blue)
  • Lavender (purple)
  • Mint (green) 
I bought this from Boots online and it was was around the €18 mark I believe.  Look here for more information.

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