28 Jan 2013

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream

I got a few samples of this from Sephora last year which I'd forgotton I had.  In the interest of "using stuff up", I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

Acccording to the blurb, this is a "sheer, leave-in styling cream that adds moisture, brilliant shine and manageability".   It contains olive oil and is supposed eliminate frizz and combat humidity, while leaving hair sleek and shiny, and supposedly suits all hair types.

The first time I used it, according to instructions, I used the usual small amount for styling my hair (pre-blowdry) and an even smaller amount for finishing it.  I was delighted with it - it smells absolutely gorgeous (a little like across between a clean linen and Issey Miyake l'Eau d'Issey).  It's really lightweight, and it certainly seemed to help with styling my extremely dry, frizzy, frazzled and overly-colour processed hair, without weighing it down in any way, shape or form, unlike many of other cream- or oil-based products I've been using.  Fast forward one day to the flip-side: dank and greasy hair.  Eh?  That hasn't happened since I was a teenager, and has never ever happened with any other styling products/leave-in conditioners/finishing creams/oils... Hmmmm.

So I tried it again... this time, I just used it through the ends to the middle of my hair after blowdrying, and not before blowdrying.  Same problem.  Day one, lightweight non-frizzy hair.  Day two, heavy-feeling, slightly greasy hair.  Hmmmm, even louder this time.

So I figured third time's a charm.  This time, paying more attention to only using this at the very ends of my hair, and only using minuscule amount of it (nowhere near what was recommended, and frankly nowhere near enough to remove all the frizz, incidentally).  Day the next, issue the same.  I give up.  I really really wanted to like this; I had heard lots of good things about Frederic Fekkai products, but this one was a bust.

Ingredients-wise, it's got a lot of silicone together with olive oil, castor seed oil, bismuth oxychloride... if it does this to my very dry hair, then how greasy would it make normal hair?  Pass.


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