17 Jul 2014

eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner - review

Oh how I wanted to love this stuff...

I got the navy version of the eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner because I wanted to try something other than black out for a change, and because, well, honestly, I expected great things of this, and I didn't have a navy eyeliner.

I still don't have a navy eyeliner.

How indifferent did I find myself?  Meh.  Somewhere between "this is useless" and "this is total crap".

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in navy

For starters, it's not navy.  It's a darkened blue, sure, but I don't consider this navy.  Not personally.

It has a pen-style nib and in theory it is nicely pointed for precision work, the reality is however that it's really rigid and unmoveable; you really need a slightly more flexible nib, especially if you're a little older and the skin on your lids is prone to moving around a bit more than it did in, say, your twenties... there are plenty of pen style nib liquid eyeliners out there that are good.  This isn't one of 'em.

Like I said, I wanted to like this.  But what I found was that you really need to go over, and back, and over, and back, and... to get semi-viewable opacity.  And you seriously need to shake the life out of it in order to get the liquid stuff inside flowing up and through the nib.  And even at that, it's a bit patchy and not terribly opaque.

See what I mean?  Barely visible, and this was three minutes of doing and re-doing... if the end result was interesting, I might tolerate it, but I don't have time for that palaver!  Swipe, swipe, fill-in, correct, with a gel liner and a brush and I'm good to go, thank you very much.

It's €11 or thereabouts and frankly, not worth it.  Disappointed dot com.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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