18 Jul 2014

Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil review

A friend of mine (and Dr. Hauschka enthusiast to say the least) recently introduced me to this German company.  Dr. Hauschka pack their beauty products with natural ingredients, such as healing essential oils, to soothe the body and soul.  Sounds good to me.  Today I'm reviewing the Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil... drool...

I've had a love-hate relationship with rose essential oil in the past.  Having previously held the opinion that it smelled of old ladies (apologies for the un-PC comparison), I have in the last six months fallen hard and unconditionally in love with the feminine, floral and balancing scent.  This of course could mean that I'm ageing and may smell vaguely of wee (cue further apologies). 

If asked to sum up the Rose Body Oil in one word, I would choose "luscious".  Prepared by blending extract and essential oil of Damask Rose (the most rare and expensive rose) with nurturing organic Sunflower oil and Jojoba Oil, this body oil both smells and feels like pure luxury.

My skin loves it.  This summer I've noticed that my arms and legs in particular are a little on the parched side, due to the extra exposure thanks to the lovely lovely lovely lovely sun of late (and, also: eeeeeek!) and unfortunately the effects of even my "fancy" body creams haven't lasted as long as I'd like.  This oil sinks quickly into the skin and keeps it hydrated for ages.  Any rough, scaly or bumpy areas (I'm not a beast, I swear) are instantly smoothed, plumped and softened.  My skin isn't left greasy or shiny, just beautifully nourished and hydrated. 

Not intentionally trying to sound like a tree-hugging hippie here but the influence that the essential oil has on my mood is astounding.  It is instantly calming and uplifting, feminine and powerful, confidence-boosting and gentle.  In all, perfectly balanced and bringing a much-needed sense of harmony.  I also love the ritual of applying it after my shower. It's the little things!

In my opinion, the only downfall is the price.  It retails at about €26 for 75ml.  I managed to buy a travel size bottle in Quay Co-op in Cork (€8.50 for 30ml, much better value) and it's lasting really well.  I also noticed travel size bottles in Full Of Beans in Waterford for a little under €9.  I will absolutely buy this again because I think the way it makes me feel, inside and out, is money well spent.  For further information you can check out Dr. Hauschka Ireland here.

If you need a little pampering, you won't go wrong with this.  Get your other half to massage this in to your stressed out, exhausted body while you sip on a cocktail (a girl can dream....).  It's even suitable to use on fussy babies (or just as a gentle post-bath massage as part of their pre-bedtime routine).   Tranquility for all the family (though I'm not sharing mine ha!).  (Yes I've used lots of brackets in this post). 

Until next time, remember life is rosy :-)
Emer x
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