1 Jul 2013

Chanel Hydra Beauty & UV Essentials Collections - essential summer skincare goodies!

I've been out of commission for a while and am slightly behind in some of my posts.  One of the posts I wanted to get published before the summer was about Chanel's summer-specific skincare collections - featuring new products joining their existing Hydra Beauty line-up, and new UV protection products - hydration and sun protection:  summer essentials indeed!

Hydra Beauty Collection

The first of the two collections promises hydration, protection and radiance from the Hydra Beauty skincare products.  The two products in the collection are a beauty mist and an eye-gel.

Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, an energising mist, gives an instant burst of freshness to the complexion.  Retailing at €55.00 for 50ml, it can be used on its own or together with other products (Chanel or otherwise) to help revive the skin’s radiance.  Its always a good idea to spritz your face if you're travelling (flying) or if you're in a hot country, and this product is not just water-in-a-can, it contains a concentrated extract from camellia flowers which has been proven to reactivate the skin's hydration cycle and provide improved skin impermeability (so, less moisture loss).  It also contains an active ingredient extracted from blue ginger which provides an antioxidant shield and helps neutralise free radicals (so, skin protection), and hyaluronic acid derivatives (so, skin-plumping), along with vitamins C and E (general skin-and-hair-and-nails goodies).

Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux, quite inexpensive at €46.00 for 15ml, delivers intense freshness to the delicate eye contour area, helping to prevent dark circles and fine lines from forming.  This is an anti-fatigue eye contour care, and I particularly love gel products around my eyes in the summer time or hot conditions, when you can feel every molecule of a creamier product on your skin.  As it is part of the Hydra Beauty range, this gel also contains extracts of camellia flower and blue ginger to restore moisture and offer protection from free radicals (which can cause premature skin ageing).  As it's a gel, its primary gain is going to be helping to remove puffiness and refresh the eye area.  This one is alcohol- and fragrance- free (both welcome around the eyes).

I've used the Hydra Beauty Gel Creme (facial moisturiser) before in the summer months and absolutely loved it, so I'm keen to try out the eye gel in particular.  I'm not planning any flights or hot weather for some time unfortunately, but I do recommend a spray product for shorter flights or for holidaying in intense sun (over an SPF, of course).

UV Essentiels Collection

Now this one is definitely one I'm buying into.  Chanel already (to my knowledge) have a Daily UV Care SPF 50 lotion; this collection sees three launched, SPF50+, SPF30 and SPF20.  Personally, I won't ever put anything less than SPF30 on my face, and I've already purchased the SPF50+ (to replace my current sun protection, MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF50, which is just about to run out).

These are daily UV care lotions, not cheap at €50.00 for 30ml, but these are extremely liquid and a tiny amount goes a long way.

Shiny liquid illumination in action...

These products are, in addition, illuminisers/illuminators, so are a great last step between skincare and makeup, helping make your skin glow while protecting it from Enemy Number One - ie the sun :-).  However there's no trace of frost or sparkle.  Chanel claim that these are matte finish - which they are - but they have that same glow through them as, say, Perfection Lumière.

OK so these products are expensive so what's the big deal?  Well, they are part skincare, part protection, featuring a combination of sunscreens (UVA & UVB), an anti-pollution formula and a "shielding complex" that prevents damage by strengthening the skin's barrier function.  The formulation is an oil-free extremely liquid emulsion of silicones and water.  It does contain alcohol, which bugs me, and there is quite a strong (but extremely pleasant) scent that does fade over time.  While I do always advise caution using products containing SPF with flash photography, I haven't found it to flash back particularly strongly, which surprised me greatly!

SPF50+ formula - no flash
SPF50+ formula - with flash - barely noticeable
These products are already available on-counter in Chanel stores and concessions.

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