25 Jul 2013

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme

The recently launched Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme perfume is designed to contrast with the Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme perfume (which I don't have) and is a part-floral-part-fruity scent with fruit-floral top notes of grapefruit flower, lime and lily of the valley, a floral heart of freesia and honeysuckle, and woodsy base notes of white birch and amber.

On a recent whim, and given the fantastic weather we've been having, I purchased it blind.  Oh so very strange and odd for me (I must have had heatstroke on the day) as I have to be incredibly careful with the scents I wear (am prone to perfume-triggered migraines).  So what did I think?

It's a very clean crisp scent, very wearable, not particularly overpowering.  It's like Every Good Summer (day) perfume you've ever worn.  It's a little "young" and a little "generic" but actually I like it.  It's slightly sweeter than I would usually go for but not sickly so, more warmly so;  that warmth is there at its heart, just there in the background after some wear-time.

In terms of longevity, expect to spritz this a couple of times a day.  It's quite energising to begin with but damps down to slightly sweet slightly more masculine warm floral blend with a hint of wood (no, I am not trying to be perverse!)  I can see this being a good inoffensive perfume that most people would like, or at least tolerate.  Perfect for a hot summer's day perfume.  I wonder if I'd bother with it in the winter time - probably not.  But it gets a resounding Summertime Perfume thumbs up from me.

In terms of the description above of the notes?  It's definitely a mix of fruity and floral fragrances. But I don't agree that its top note is Lime Accord - it's there, certainly, and it cuts through all of the florals and lifts the perfume from being very blossomy and floraly, but it's not front and centre.

These will be selling in three sizes: 
  • Boss Jour Pour Femme Eau de Perfum 75ml for €86
  • Boss Jour Pour Femme Eau de Perfum 50ml for €66
  • Boss Jour Pour Femme Eau de Perfum 30ml for €46

Complementary products allegedly include a perfumed shower gel (200ml), body lotion (200ml) and deodorant (150ml), however I haven't seen these in any of the stores in Ireland (not to say they don't exist, I just haven't seen 'em).

Similar to the Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme perfume, its "scent ambasador" (ie yer wan who appears on the ads) is good ol' Gwyneth Paltrow, she of the Pepper Potts fame.  Looking all classy and self-composed and clean-cut all-American, which I'm pretty sure is what they're going for with this scent.  At least, airbrushed and all as she looks in the photo, she's still recognisable as herself, which can't be said for the Nuit ads.

Look here for more information.

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