15 Mar 2013

MAC 205 Fan Brush v Hakuhodo Fan Lash Brush

Teeny tiny fan lash brushes
T -> B : Hakuhodo J4006L, MAC 205

Fancy some fluttery eyelashes minus the clumps?  These are the brushes for you...

MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush (pro range)

MAC 205 (Pro) Mascara Fan Brush

The MAC lash fan brush is slightly smaller than the Hakuhodo offering and retails for $17.50 in a standalone Pro store.  I believe that it was available as LE in non-pro stores in the past as part of some collection-or-other (that's not terribly helpful, but either way it's not available in the Permanant (non-pro) range at the moment).  This is a synthetic fibre tiny fan brush designed to be used to apply a very fine coat of mascara to the lashes and can also be used to remove clumps from (wet) mascara already applied to the lashes.

Hakuhodo Fan Lash Brush (J-range)

Hakuhodo (J range) Fan Lash Brush

The Hakuhodo brush is slighty different in that it is made from two different types of synthetic bristle, this one is one of the J-series brushes (which are significantly less expensive than some of the other Hakuhodo brushes), and at $20 (plus delivery, which can run expensive enough) directly from their website, it's quite a decent price.  Hakuhodo brushes, irrespective of range, are just amazingly, stunningly well made brushes.  This one is slightly bigger and slightly more dense than the MAC equivalent, but either works perfectly well.

Look here for more info on the Hakuhodo brush (I can't provide a link to the MAC fan brush as it's only viewable on the Pro site, for which you need a Pro login).

Are either of these strictly necessary?  Not really.  This is not the kind of brush that will deliver length or volume to your lashes.  So why bother then?

Well, suppose that you wanted to coat your lashes with only the barest hint of mascara, not enough to look like mascara, but just enough to darken them or tint them - this brush would do the trick very nicely.  These tiny fan brushes are also great for adding mascara on the tops of lashes.  Or mascara to bottom lashes.  Or supposing you have a mascara already on your lashes but it's a bit clumpy and hasn't set yet - this brush can be used to separate and tidy up the lashes, removing these clumps (OK, a standard clean spoolie will do the trick for this also mind).  And they can also be used to brush (or tap) a dry glitter onto lashes.

One over the other?  Either or, to be perfectly honest.  The Hakuhodo brush handle is slightly shorter, the brush slightly more dense and slightly bigger.  The MAC brush is ever so slightly firmer.  The Hakuhodo is only available online, the MAC is only available in a standalone Pro store.

Dupe Alert!

If you can't get your mitts on either, you can often purchase tiny fan brushes in a set of brushes designed for nail art - the only thing is that the fan brushes that come with nail art sets are often just that tiny bit too big to be used for mascara, not quite as dense as the above two offerings, and therefore nowhere near as firm or useful.  But you might be lucky, and the brushes that you get with nail art are usually considerably less expensive.

This type of brush is not one you'll use very often, but it is handy to have in your arsenal, especially if you're a makeup artist.

Look here for more information on other tiny detailer brushes for eye makeup.

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