14 Mar 2013

Cosmetics à la Carte Stay Put Eyeliner Pen

Cosmetics à la Carte - Stay Put Eyeliner Pen

I have been fortunate enough to receive a full sized sample of this liner for consideration ahead of its release (it's now available through Cosmetics a la Carte's online site or via stockists).

This is another pen-type eyeliner.  Water-based, this stuff absolutely does not budge once it has dried (it sets after about ten minutes).  I am absolutely loving it both as a liner around the eye and in the waterline (although I'm not certain it's 100% certified for waterline usage, I have had no problems with it).  I also love the fact that I can use it on my upper waterline and it categorically doesn't transfer at all to my lower waterline... fantastic for creating 50's and 60's looks!  It's the only eyeliner of this type that I've been using which doesn't thus far.  It also doesn't smudge, it doesn't fade, it doesn't flake.

Once it sets, it is water resistant and very black - it's not quite matte, as it has a very slightly polished (but not quite glossy) appearance.  It's quite a true black, I don't detect blue or green or red undertones, it's not a greyed or charcoal black, it's a black-black. 

I used to hate these types of liners but for speed and precision you really can't beat them for everyday thin liner, for tightlining, for ticks, for flicks, for a cat-eye...

Used on its side, on its tip.  Nice and black!

My only dislike is the nib, which is very unyielding.  I personally prefer less of a stiff applicator, that said the stiff applicator does allow for precise definition where required and enables the liner to be used by its tip and also along its side.  The only gripe I would have (and it's minor) is that this will make it not so great for eyelids which are tending towards being a little crepey or loose.

How does it compare to a bunch of other pen-type liners I have?

The comparison liners
T -> B: Cosmetics à la Carte, L'Oréal, Avon, Rimmel, MAC, Illamasqua 
The comparison liners
L -> R: Cosmetics à la Carte, L'Oréal, Avon, Rimmel, MAC, Illamasqua 

In terms of colour/finish, only the Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss comes close (but this is a glossy finish) - the l'Oréal Perfect Slim is slightly less of a true black (and a matte finish, similar to the à la Carte offering).

T -> B: Cosmetics à la Carte, L'Oréal, Illamasqua 

In terms of precision, the same two liners have similarly pointed and narrow tips, with the l'Oréal being less stiff.

Look here for more information.  It's probably a little more expensive than I want to pay at £25.  I do recommend this, like all Cosmetics à la Carte products it's really just quietly very good - but if I'm being honest, there are equivalents available at half this price which are almost as good, and certainly "good enough".

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