27 Mar 2013

Avant-Première de Chanel - Chanel's latest lipstick & nailpolish collection

Chanel Avant-Première de Chanel - campaign visual
... and it's making me crave the sun...

Chanel's has three Le Rouge Chanel collections due out this year, all featuring lipsticks/lipglosses, the latest of which is named Avant-Première de Chanel, and features new shades of lipstick (both Rouge Coco, Rouge Coco Shine formulas) and nail polish.

Two more collections (Collection Lèvres Scintillantes and Collection Rouge Allure) are due out later in the year.

This one however, Avant-Première de Chanel is launching on the 5th of April, and it will feature four new nail varnishes, one of which is LE and the other three will be permanent, eight new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks (seven are permanent, one is LE) and six new (all permanent) Rouge Coco lipsticks.  This collection, largely featuring a palette of half-shades, is Chanel's homage to the grace of movie icons.


The new Le Vernis shades featuring as part of the collection
Three are permanent, one (Starlet) is LE

The new Le Vernis shades (€22.50) are as follows:
  • 599 Provocation a plum purple
  • 581 Cinéma - a vaguely orange-toned red
  • 579 Paparazzi - a bronzed plum-brown
  • 575 Starlet - a peachy-pink with golden pearl (this one is LE)

Personally I like the look of Cinéma the most... but I'm having an obsession with all things red and orange lately :-)

Lips - Rouge Coco Shine

The new Rouge Coco Shine shades are on the left, the new Rouge Coco shades are on the right
Rouge Coco Shine Top Row L - RFiction, Synopsis, Scénario, Dialogue
Rouge Coco Shine Bottom Row L -> R: Ingénue, Interlude, Saga (LE), Suspense
Rouge Coco Top Row L - RSentiment, Ce Soir, Amant
Rouge Coco Bottom Row L -> RLiaison, Grâce, Le Baiser

Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are semi-transparent lipsticks with a high shine finish and a lightweight texture - think a step-up from a balm, but not as shiny as a gloss.  The new Rouge Coco Shine lip shades (retailing at €30.50), will be in addition to the eighteen already existing in the permanent line, as follows:

  • 77 Ingénue - golden beige with shimmering matching tones
  • 78 Interlude - intense coral peach
  • 79 Saga - pure pink (LE)
  • 80 Suspense - fuchsia sprinkled with matching pearl
  • 81 Fiction - garnet plum with golden pearl
  • 82 Synopsis - cool-toned brown
  • 83 Scénario - warm red-toned brown
  • 84 Dialogue - intense red

I particularly like the look of Suspense, looking forward to trying this one out on the 5th!

Lips - Rouge Coco

Chanel's Rouge Coco lipstick is a creamy texture lipstick which provides up to eight hours of hydration.  Similar in formula to the Rouge Coco Shine, these are more of a creamy finish, however not as opaque as Chanel Rouge Allure.  The new Rouge Coco shades (retailing at €30.50) are joining the existing thirty-four shades:
  • 48 Sentiment - natural beige with peach tones
  • 49 Liaison - soft pink
  • 51 Ce Soir - plum brown
  • 52 Grâce - rosewood with copper accents
  • 53 Amant - half-tone orange red
  • 54 Le Baiser - deep pink with golden shimmer

I wonder if Rouge Coco Amant is designed to match Le Vernis in Cinéma - both of these are reds with a hint of orange... Amant is the most interesting of the Rouge Coco shades in my opinion.

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