7 Mar 2013

La Mer The Concentrate & The Body Crème: Scar-Reducing Miracle Combination

Miracle stuff!

This stuff is beyond amazing.  It would want to be, given the price.
Some years ago I had surgery and was left with some quite angry looking and fairly significant scarring at the wound site.  I have been a long time user (chronic abuser?) of Crème de la Mer products and thought I'd get some of The Concentrate to help with my scar healing.  After all, CDLM was invented (by NASA scientist Max Huber) back in the 1970's in order to help heal the scar and burn-tissue which he sustained in an industrial chemical accident.

The Concentrate is the product in the CDLM range which contains the highest quantity of the Miracle Broth™ which is at the heart of CDLM products - a fermented seaweed goo.  It is specifically designed for "fragile, post-trauma skin on the face and body" and "complements [the] skin's own natural renewal process... The appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns is improved"

This stuff is expensive.  No two ways about it.  It was around the €360-ish mark, as I recall (however I purchased in the Duty Free in Dublin each time, which took some of the sting out of that price tag).  I used up two 30ml bottles of it in a year, twice a day every day without fail, along with a dollop of The Body Lotion to boot.  I barely used half of the 200ml tube of body lotion.

The result?  My scars are much less pronounced where they were once very very deep, and they have almost completely disappeared in other areas.  Would I recommend?  Hell, yes.  In a heartbeat.

Is The Concentrate strictly a necessary purchase?  Absolutely not, unless you have areas of skin that have undergone trauma.  I still have some left and I use it in the absolute depths of winter as a serum, when my skin is severely dry and dehydrated, or after a glycolic peel or facial IPL to help with redness and healing, but that's just to use it up.

And what about The Body Cream?  This is an such an amazing cream, I find that I can use it every other day - it's not even necessary every day.   Again, however, you don't need to spend this cash on a body cream, but I wanted to have the set for scar-healing.

Look here for more information on The Concentrate and here for more information on The Body Cream.


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