22 Mar 2013

Sephora Targeted Eye Remover Swabs

Read the name, seriously!  Hilarious!

*sniggers* I kid you not, this is actually what these things are actually called.  In English at least.  The French translation is more accurate.

If I go with the English translation, these things are useless (at removing eyes) but great (at removing makeup).

The magical stuff which is the liquid centre

These little buds are filled with Sephora's Instant Eye Makeup Remover (that's the blue stuff you're seeing) and the good old capillary action trick keeps the liquid from the business end of the Q-tips until you're ready for it.

Step 1
(and apparently 2, but we'll ignore it, as it's gravity's job)
Step 2.
Rocket science it ain't...

To use these, you simply snap-off the tip which is marked with a blue line, and the makeup remover is released and flows to the opposite side (assuming you're holding it upright and live some place where gravity rules), where it saturates the cotton tip, which is then used to remove the offending makeup (or eyes, according to the English translation).

This stuff is formulated without parabens or perfumes, apparently is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  The former I can attest to.  The latter, not so (I don't wear lenses).  The claim is that it will remove all traces of makeup including waterproof - the reality is that heavy duty eye makeup is going to need a heavier duty eye makeup remover (not an eye remover, now mind), but these are great for makeup snafu clean ups and for finishing off removing the last vestiges of makeup still at your lash line after you've removed the rest of your face.

These were €6.50 - there's twenty in the pack - at a Sephora store (I know, I know, we don't have any in Bloody Backwards Ireland) - not cheap at 32.5c each so.  Recommended for travelling.  A bit expensive otherwise.

Look here for some more recommendations on eye makeup removers.


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