8 Mar 2013

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

MAC The Stylish Brow: Fluidline Brow Gelcremes

Ever since I saw these used at the most recent MAC Pro Masterclass I have been dying to try them out.

And they haven't disappointed.

L -> R: Redhead, Dirty Blonde, Deep Dark Brunette

There are three shades available
  • Redhead - Muted golden brown
  • Dirty Blonde - Soft taupe brown
  • Deep Dark Brunette - Rich brunette

As is becoming de rigueur (for MAC), and which remains no less annoying (for the rest of us), these are LE offerings, from The Stylish Brow Collection (more info here).

These are hands down, without exception, no two ways about it, the single best brow product I've ever used.  They've knocked my faithful Clinique brow pencil off its previously uncontested top spot.

Pigmentation & setting all-in-one!

The tiniest bit goes a long long way as they're super-pigmented.  They dry and set your brows in place in addition, so they're like a brow pencil and brow set combination in one product.  They last and last all day.  They can be used as an eyelid primer or an eyeliner in addition.  I found them slightly creamier than the MAC Fluidline liners.  They don't skip or drag on application, and they're waterproof.  I just wish they weren't bloody well LE.

In general, I'll use a standard angled liner brush or a MAC 211 to apply (the 208, which is recommended and repromoted as part of the collection, in my ever so humble opinion, is too dense a brush for the job).

Dirty Blonde (the brows, not me)

In terms of shade, I have dark/dirty blonde ombré hair at the moment (my roots are L'Oréal Majirel 7 and the ends are "somewhere in the 9's" ;-)), but my brows are a very cool-toned black.  If I use Dirty Blonde on my brows, it actually colours my brows the exact shade of my roots, which is fantastic.

If I am wearing my hair up (and the blonde ends are not particularly visible), I'll use Deep Dark Brunette, which warms up my brows a tiny amount but not enough so they're red-toned, but at least takes the cold black look out of them.

Dirty Blonde is quite cool-toned, Deep Dark Brunette is slightly warmer toned, but it's not particularly red-based.  Redhead is a great colour for red hair and strawberry blonde shades, which need a warmer colour brushed through them - it's a slightly yellowed beige-brown.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.  But they're LE so get 'em while you can.

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